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SlotMachine - results & public deliverables

Press Releases & Articles

October 2021: Paper published in 2021 IEEE 40th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) : “A Privacy-Preserving Marketplace for Air Traffic Flow Management Slot Configuration

August: ACM conference paper on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2021): “Single-Use Delegatable Signatures Based on Smart Contracts

July 2021: Article in the ATM Magazine: "Has blockchain cracked the aviation capacity code?"

May 2021: Article in the ERCIM Newsletter 126, Special Theme: Privacy Preserving Computation

March 2021: EU-funded project SlotMachine to use blockchain technology for more cost-efficient flight slot configuration

Furthermore, please find here a summary of the results and public deliverables of SlotMachine:

D1.3 Data Management Plan
D2.1 Requirements Specification
D2.2 System Design Document
D3.1 Report on State-of-the-Art of Relevant Concepts for Secure Slot Swapping
D3.2 Specification of the PrivacyEngine Component
D3.3 PrivacyEngine Software Cmponent
D4.1 Report on State-of-the-Art Relevant Concepts in Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Evolutionary Algorithms
D4.2 Specification of Evolutionary Algorithm under Constraints PostFiltering/Ordering
D4.3 SlotSwapping System
D5.2 Exploitation Plan and Return on Investment Analysis
D5.3 Dissemination of the Scientific Results


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