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Specialised Communications

Specialised Communications

Supporting land, sea, air and space communications

Within specific industries there is a need for specialised communication solutions. Frequentis meets these challenges by working in close partnership with customers to understand their requirements and provide a solution that will address the challenge at hand.

Currently, solutions related to voice communications and conferencing are the key areas of focus. Over time this area will expand as industries evolve and require additional functionality.


Norbert Haslacher appointed CEO of FREQUENTIS AG

Norbert Haslacher, a successful manager and IT expert, will head the Frequentis Group, an international provider of communication and information solutions for safety-critical applications. Before his Frequentis assignment, Haslacher spent more than 15 years at CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), a global IT services company focusing on application development, systems integration, outsourcing, cloud, big data, and cyber security.

During his tenure with Frequentis, Haslacher has been able to contribute his extensive software knowledge as well as his broad international experience. | 2018-04-23


Supporting the future of space operations voice communications. Since 2009, the company has been working with space agencies in the United States (NASA) and Europe (ESA) on the latest voice communications technology. This includes the Deep Space Network, the largest and most sensitive scientific telecommunications system in the world. Additionally, the Launch Control Center at Cape Canaveral which supports International Space Station (ISS), and almost all other manned and unmanned space flight missions operated by NASA and ESA. The Frequentis mission voice conferencing system is a major part of the agencies’ infrastructure at mission control.

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Frequentis VCS3020 MOVE Systems are the Standard for Mission Voice at NASA.

The VCS3020 systems are replacing all large legacy voice systems at NASA space flight centers around the world as part of the NASA Mission Operations Voice Enhancement (MOVE) project. The project is a national program for all major NASA sites to reduce the different types of operator positions that have historically been in use across the different operations locations. 

The NASA space operations centers support space flight centers, tracking and data relay and deep-space communications. The new systems provide the latest telecommunication technology, teleconferencing technology and have Voice-over-IP (VoIP) built in.

Praised for their user friendly interfaces (keysets), the Frequentis VCS3020 systems are now the standard for mission voice in NASA. They support all of NASAs manned and unmanned space missions. Some key statistics defining this program:

  • Scalability of over 1,000 VoIP operator positions per system
  • More than 4,000 operator positions and eighteen systems delivered
  • Five different types of operator positions currently in place reduced from 23 different types originally
  • Highest availability > 99.999%
  • Logistics and maintenance costs reduced through standardization
  • US Government approved security.

All NASA MOVE systems are assembled at the Frequentis USA plant in Columbia, Maryland, USA, which helps to enable global installations; from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the Deep Space Communication Complex in Canberra, Australia.

Conference Control

Voice conferencing is at the core of most of the world’s large mission control centers. The Frequentis solution is currently used by NASA, ESA, the FAA and many other customers and is based on the VCS3020 conference control system providing all functions and features required for large scale, mission critical voice teleconferencing. As all teleconference operators know, an easy-to-use and workflow optimized user interface is one of the most important features of a teleconference system.

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Conference Control Systems (CCS) are at the core of the company’s modular VCS3020 communications platform providing the highest availability (>99.999%) and scalability in the market, with over 3,000 concurrent conferences within a single system.

CCS allows for conferencing features to be configured based upon the specific need at any given time. This includes planned and unplanned conferences, with and without a secure access code reaching multiple audiences at the same time.  The features are detailed further below:

  • Ad Hoc – Used to set up unplanned conferences
  • Meet Me – Allow scheduled conferences with/without PIN security
  • Progressive – Used to create large call out conferences
  • Preset – Blast out of simultaneous calls to participants.

The VCS3020 includes the latest in user interface design supporting intuitive operation, single-click conference controls, the use of homepage concept with user and role management and the latest IT security standards are already built-in. The system can be deployed centrally in an agency-wide data center or at individual campus locations.



In addition to the functionality already discussed, the CCS supports many state-of-the-art requirements, such as:

  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), fully digital conferencing bridge
  • Extensive telephone and intercom features (Transfer, Hold, Barge, Override, etc.)
  • Non-Blocking Design
  • Optimized user experience with Guided User Interface
  • Optimization using latest value chain analysis methods
  • Ergonomic position design allowing for positional flexibility
  • Broad Built-In-Test (BITE) functions reduce maintenance time
  • More than 15 years manufacturer support protecting investment
  • Made in the United States


World ATM Congress 2021
26.10.2021 - 28.10.2021
Ifema, Feria de Madrid, Spain

Frequentis Air Traffic Management – Digital. Sustainable. Safe.

Frequentis leads the way with innovative solutions for traffic management and collaboration, ensuring safety always comes first. Our solution portfolio comprises service-based solutions for voice communication, ATM-grade networks, remote and integrated digital towers, traffic optimisation, surveillance and information management.


Efficiency meets dynamics

Constant growth is a well-known historical challenge, but the regular ATM playbook has changed: the new normal in ATM is defined by a traffic situation which is more volatile, and less predictable. In the long run this means that traffic fluctuations caused by disruptive factors such as pandemics, weather, or political issues, will be the new normal, hence ATC services need to scale up and down, in a cost-efficient way, while simultaneously offering greater resilience.

The ability to provide more precise route planning and traffic management that takes into account real-time weather data, together with optimised flight profiles, will reduce fuel consumption. Adding effective departure management tools in the tower will also allow engine time on the ground to be reduced.

A digital platform ensures that data is shared and used in the right way, and new approaches to Controller Working Position integration provide best-in-class situational awareness for controllers. 

Our solutions: Digital tower, incl. A-SMGCS | Remote digital tower | Traffic synchronisation |ATC systems


True IT in ATM

Communication continues to be critical for airspace safety. Networks and communication technologies are ALREADY moving from legacy to digital; radios will no longer be connected point-to-point but will be seen as a service in an IT-based communication world.

The IT revolution in ATM has just started. At Frequentis we are mastering this paradigm shift by providing you with safe and secure communication solutions, taking advantage of modern IT concepts.

Virtualisation, cloud-based systems and intelligent networks are the foundations of modern IT-based ATM technologies.

Our solutions: VCS X10 | vitalsphere network performance | Advanced network monitoring | DIVOS recording and replay


Digital data to unite the sky

The ATM revolution has already started: the management of drones in a UTM system has reached an unprecedented level of automation by embracing digital platforms and digital data at its core. Concepts such as SWIM, primarily developed in the ATM domain, can be applied to UTM and will help accelerate the evolution of UTM systems. Combining digital data, information management, ubiquitous connectivity and autonomous decision making, UTM paves the way for the next level of ATM automation, managing everything that flies.

Digital data and autonomous systems are the future for managing both traditional aircraft and new airspace users.

Our solutions: UTM drone traffic management | SWIM/AMHS | CADAS AIM digital data management tools


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