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Frequentis is proud to be supporting international customers to achieve their individual goals. The Press section illustrates just how far the company’s depth of expertise goes, where solutions are in use and how they are making a difference around the world. To learn more about any of these projects click the download button.


Austro Control Dronespace: Drone traffic management system for Austria is ready for takeoff

Flying a drone in Austria will become even safer and simpler. Austro Control, together with Frequentis, has developed a traffic management system for the safe integration of drones into the Austrian airspace. 

“The common goal of Austro Control and Frequentis is to ultimately provide other organisations with security-relevant tasks access to the nationwide uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system; those in the field of public safety and critical infrastructure would also benefit from access to the system,” says Norbert Haslacher, CEO Frequentis. “In the further development of the UTM system along a jointly designed roadmap, it is our shared responsibility to support the existing and future needs of safety-critical organisations, emergency response organisations, professional operators, and hobby pilots to utilise drones as easily and safely as possible.”

(C) Frequentis / Thomas Jantzen

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Arriva Rail London observes one year of FREQUENTIS railway event management

Arriva Rail London (ARL) has been using the Frequentis Rail Event Management (REM) system to support critical decision making in the event of an incident or service disruption.

The Frequentis REM solution enables workflow-based event management, provides a common operational picture, and enables mobile collaboration. It uses a resolution workflow based on the time, location, and classification of the occurrence of an incident to instantly identify and connect internal and external stakeholders, while also logging every activity to satisfy legal and reporting requirements. The cost-effective, standard off-the-shelf (COTS) solution can be deployed within a short timeframe. As part of the modernisation of the ARL train control centre, the REM solution was delivered and integrated with the recently deployed IVU.rail control software from IVU Traffic Technologies.

Image © Arriva Rail London

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drone and emergency helicopter

Estonia revolutionises drone flying as FREQUENTIS state-of-the-art UTM suite is put into operation

  • Frequentis Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) suite is fully operational in Estonia in just seven months
  • Newly implemented, cloud-based UTM suite will stimulate development of innovative drone-related services, further driving drone industry growth
  • UTM suite allows secure data exchange and access to UTM services, including operator registration, flight authorisation and geo awareness service
  • Support for police and military operations to enable drone missions

Drone operators in Estonia can now fully utilise the Frequentis UTM suite covering services and applications, implemented for Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS). Users now have access to up-to-date drone flight information, can register themselves as operators and securely exchange data, monitor airspace conditions, file flight plans, and even apply for take-off clearance. This solution marks a significant milestone in the development of uncrewed aviation services in Estonia and will transform the drone flying experience.

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Norway to transform emergency medical communications with FREQUENTIS

  • Frequentis to deliver centralised countrywide communication solution for medical emergency and non-emergency centres for up to 500 active operators
  • Multimedia control room solution supporting video and social media communication
  • Additional mobile access for nurses treating patients in hospitals
  • Software-based solution will reduce operating and management costs

Helsetjenestens driftsorganisasjon for Nødnett HF (HDO) has selected the Frequentis multimedia communication solution LifeX™ as the next-generation communication solution for the Norwegian emergency services. HDO is a public service provider responsible for the operation and management of control room solutions and radio terminals connected to the Norwegian Emergency Public Safety Radio Network – Nødnett – and services to its customers. 

The solution for HDO will allow control room operators to see all the relevant incoming information about an incident at a glance, while meeting the highest demands of mission-critical emergency services use cases.

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Oslo airport, Norway

FREQUENTIS provides Norway with network solution for efficient airspace management

  • Norwegian Avinor selects Frequentis Advanced Network Management System (Advanced-NMS) for total operational awareness
  • Real-time performance monitoring will strengthen overall security of Avinor’s operations
  • Flexible and scalable solution to evolve with customer demands

The Frequentis Advanced-NMS solution will enable Avinor, the Norwegian Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), to monitor their growing and complex countrywide infrastructure from one centralised tool, as well as enable fast, proactive, and effective responses to unplanned outages and emergency situations. It will also provide real-time performance monitoring of the quality of each system and will strengthen the overall security of Avinor’s operations. Thanks to the solution’s scalability, it can grow hand in hand with the development of their environment, enabling its use for decades to come.

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