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To enhance their performance and streamline operations while ensuring safety, Air Navigation Service Providers are constantly looking for new solutions. Frequentis is a leader in this space, continuously innovating and integrating multiple solutions to simplify operations and ensure high levels of safety and continuity. With Frequentis OneATM we provide a holistic approach to address these needs both now and in the future. We achieve this by leveraging the power of integration, uniting market-leading technologies into one open ATM ecosystem. 

Simplicity, openness and performance are the foundations on which OneATM is built.

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Focus areas

Frequentis is at the forefront of market trends, continuously innovating and integrating multiple solutions to simplify operations and ensure high levels of safety and continuity. Frequentis OneATM is a prime example of our commitment to innovation and integration in the field of airspace management. By leveraging our integration capabilities, we are able to transform the management of airspace in multiple dimensions, incorporating visionary aspects and the advantages of OneATM. Our focus areas are designed to deliver impressive benefits, such as improved efficiency, safety and performance through our integrative approach.

Frequentis OneATM focus areas
Frequentis OneATM focus areas


By exploring the focus areas of Frequentis OneATM, you can discover the direction and potential of our technology, and experience the benefits of our integrative approach. As a trusted partner of Air Navigation Service Providers worldwide, we are dedicated to delivering high-performance solutions that simplify operations, ensure safety and continuity, and drive innovation in the industry.


Accelerated drone management

Safe & compliant orchestration of new airspace users: Fair access to all users is essential in a unified airspace. Frequentis offers SWIM-compliant UTM services based on an ATM-grade back-end.

Advanced automated tower

Intelligent and connected: Seamlessly integrated flight information, surveillance and communications provide excellent situational awareness and enable automated decision support for air traffic controllers.

Remote digital tower

Rethinking airport operations: New concepts for the management of digital towers that allow for a smooth evolution to new operational models and the seamless integration of new technologies.

ATM - grade networks

Leading the way towards the digital sky: Next-generation communications technologies for both air-ground and ground-ground communication with ATM-grade reliability.

Actionable information management

Beyond digital transformation: Harmonised systems enable digitalisation whereby automation systems can safely identify, interpret, and exchange data, then bring it to the attention of the ATCO at the right place and time.

Unified aeronautical communications

Beyond voice: Seamless and harmonised communications between controllers and pilots, regardless of technological boundaries. Integrating verbal and non-verbal communication in one unified solution.

Harmonised control centres

The power of versatility and integration: Fully expandable and modular architecture enabling the continuous addition of functionality through easy integration. Air traffic controllers can access the information and controls required for enhanced situational awareness and faster reaction times.

Synchronised traffic operations

Predictability beyond data – performance driven optimisation: Unique toolset optimising the entire flight operation, providing stakeholders with a combined 4D view of their operations, ensuring continuous high performance.

Open digital platform

Transition towards service-based ATM: The foundation of the OneATM ecosystem is the MosaiX platform, which hosts the applications and enables their smooth and easy integration. This paves the way for new operational concepts and environments.


showing a plane rescued with water
Picture showing Lenny Swiontek shaking hands with Dieter Eier

FREQUENTIS enhances airspace safety in Spain with nationwide contingency voice communication system

ENAIRE, the air navigation service provider (ANSP) of Spain, is upgrading 14 contingency voice communication systems across nine different locations in Barcelona, Madrid Area Control Centre and ENAIRE Test Centre, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Málaga, Valencia and Zaragoza.

The project, contracted in 2020, is the first large-scale voice communication project for the country, and was driven by a need for the renewal of the country’s backup systems. Frequentis has now implemented the contingency systems at both the main operations room and the contingency room in Seville, with the systems in Palma de Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Málaga and Madrid following throughout 2022 and 2023. | 2022-12-07

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport ready for expected growth with FREQUENTIS digital tower solution

  • First controller-to-pilot IP Voice Communication in the United States
  • The Frequentis integrated digital tower solution will increase controller efficiency in support of air traffic growth and is compliant with ED-137 standard
  • The modernised tower houses eight controller working positions, supporting expected growth to the region

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Tower has been replaced by a new tower fitted with an integrated digital tower solution from Frequentis. The digital tower solution consists of an IP voice communication solution, featuring the ED-137 standard, integrated recording and digital terminal information and weather services, ensuring controllers have modern, digital solutions to support the additional growth expected to the region, including space for eight controllers. | 2022-11-07


One billion hours of safe air travel with FREQUENTIS advanced voice and data gateway, VCX-IP

  • Frequentis has pioneered ATM-specific countrywide radio network solutions since 1995
  • Installations in 70 countries on six continents
  • The largest VCX-IP deployments integrate hundreds of radio, phone and data services, comprising over 1,500 network nodes, connecting more than 70 sites with multiple centres

The Frequentis voice communication network solution, VCX-IP, has evolved significantly since its initial development around two decades ago. It started as a network solution to enhance network functionality, such as shared access to radios and radars. Several country-wide deployments in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, Oman and Brazil are successful milestones that have contributed considerably to making Frequentis the market leader in network solutions for Air Traffic Management (ATM).

To read the press release in full, please click "download".

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Webinar: Explore smart aircraft gating with Frequentis Gate Optimizer
Location: Online

Gate Optimizer´s performance-driven automation and rolling gate concept strategically and tactically manages and monitors one of the airports’ most limited and costly assets: the “aircraft gates” – taking into consideration dynamic restrictions.

Based on three use cases, we will show you how to improve your overall decision-making process with Frequentis Gate Optimizer!

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