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Frequentis is very active in promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through a constant stream of news and events the goal is a constant outbound information flow. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities by the company and thought leadership for the future.



Securing Canada’s Command and Control communications

We told Canada's Vangaurd Magazine how mission-critical tasks could be executed without fear of network outages or security breaches. The key is meeting both RED/BLACK security requirements on one system, crypoto gateways, and resilliant networks that react to changing performance needs. How do Frequentis ensure these essential requirements are met?

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Future Airport: Beyond the digital tower

Remote digital towers and digital tower tools have come some way to offering a solution to the increasing controller workload, however, fitting more aircraft in the sky and enabling ATCOs to safely manage them is futile if the same number can’t land and take off as planned. We spoke to Future Airport magazine about the benefits of a hybrid tower and approach centre and what it means to really work smarter.

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