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Frequentis is very active in promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through a constant stream of news and events the goal is a constant outbound information flow. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities by the company and thought leadership for the future.


Flight Global Interview with Sascha Wirfs on Remote Tower

We were interviewed by Flight Global for the Dubai Show Daily News during Dubai Airshow.

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Article: ARABIAN AEROSPACE MAG Military remote tower

Ahead of Dubai Air Show we positioned an article about our military remote tower expertise in Arabian Aerospace magazine. Here we talk about our contract and progress with the US Department of Defense contract and the benefits of remote tower for keeping military personnel safe during combat or humanitarian relief.

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Radio Recourse - emergency services for the deaf and hard of hearing

Emergency communication services

In October Wolfgang Kampichler shared his views on emergency calling with Radio Resource International magazine. Here he highlights the need for improving access to emergency services for the deaf and hard of hearing and the need for systems to handle text messages and location-based call routing. Industry partners are now contributing to a new initiative - Deaf Emergency Calling 1-1-2 (DEC112).

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The power of voice

We published an article in the October issue of Internatonal Airport Review, which talks about the importance of voice communication in the digital tower and how using voice as an additional input sensor will increase automation and reduce the controller workload. It's also a function that will benefit the multiple remote tower use case. Read the full article on the website here or click download to view the pdf.

ATM magazine: Welcome to the U-space

We were invited to share our work on the Gulf of Finland U-space project with Air Traffic Management magazine for their September issue. Here we discuss the success of the project, what worked well, but also what is still needed to progress the future airspace ecosystem and safely support the integration of drones. Frequentis delivered a flight information management system (FIMS) which served as the critical digital data backbone connection between the ATM world and U-space service providers (USPs) – Airmap, Altitude Angel and Unifly.

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