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Frequentis is activly promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through interviews and opinion peices the goal is a steady flow of outbound information that allows customers to see how Frequentis supports their business objectives. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities and thought leadership for the future.


Digital Tower Steps for Success

Frequentis DFS Aerosense paid for this feature in Arabian Aerospace to explain the importance of stakeholder involvement and change management for a successful digital tower project delivery. The article can be found on page 14-15 of the full magazine here or a pdf copy has been added for download.


In this special episode of the Australian Aviation Podcast, Adam Thorn spoke to Martin Rampl, our Frequentis Australasia MD, about the chaos of COVID turning the aviation industry on its head, and the effect this has had on the unsung heroes in air traffic control, and the tech that supports them.

Listen here

Resilience and scalability for airspace recovery

Although we see the immediate benefit of digital tower and virtual centre technologies, we also see their ability to support longer-term strategic goals. We spoke to ATM magazine about how to ensure resilience and scalability during the airspace recovery and withstand what comes next. You can read it on page 20-21 by registering for free at this link.

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Railway-News: Prioritising the passenger journey

Despite the pandemic, rail is set to continue on a path of ever increasing capacity demand, intensifying the need for swift recovery from operational disruptions. Markus Myslivec spoke to Railway-News about the procedures and software solutions that will support railway operators with efficient incident management. Download the full article below...

Arabian Aerospace: Developing resilience with digital tower

As we look towards airspace recovery, we turn our attention back to the modernisation of the ATM system and the benefits for the Middle East. Josef Kutschi and Peter Gridling explain how digital tower technology enhances the safety and reliability of ATM facilities ready for changing air traffic demand.