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Frequentis is activly promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through interviews and opinion peices the goal is a steady flow of outbound information that allows customers to see how Frequentis supports their business objectives. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities and thought leadership for the future.


ATM Magazine: Unlocking the potential

Emma Kelly interviewed us about the possibilities for blockchain in aviation. Eduard Gringinger shared the results of the first phase of project SlotMachine, a market place for efficient and secure flight swapping between airlines, as well as what is still to be developed in the next phase of the project.

Read the article in full on page 25 by subscribing to ATM Magazine here.

ATM Magazine: Low Level Airspace

Philip Butterworth-Hayes asked us our thoughts on Low Level Airspace when drones enter the scene, for his article with ATM Magazine, the full article is on page 13 of Issue 1, 2023. Read what our Dr Guenter Graf thinks about the transition from human centric to machine centric decision making and what else is needed to ensure safe drone flights.

To read in full subscribe to ATM Magazine here.

ATM Mag: Around the world with remote tower

We summed up RDT installations around the world for ATM Magazine in March, and the challenges they solve.

Eric Wernsperger, Digital Tower Expert and Vice President Sales, Frequentis DFS Aerosense & Veit Voges, Remote Tower Product Manager, take you on a world tour. Download the article in full.

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