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Frequentis is very active in promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through a constant stream of news and events the goal is a constant outbound information flow. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities by the company and thought leadership for the future.


Inside the MarTRX control room visited the Frequentis UK office in October to find out more about the integrated maritime control centre solution - MarTRX. Georg Berger explains the benefits of an inteligent solution for saving vital minutes in the event of an incident at sea...

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Mark Robinson talks remote tower with Australian Aviation

Following on from our remote tower comments in the November issue of Australian Aviation, we were invited to talk more about remote tower in this 30 minute podcast. Mark Robinson took the reins and explains in more detail.

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Digital tower services for Australia and New Zealand

In this article published in November, Australian Aviation takes a look at the benefits of digital towers for Australia and New Zealand. With comments from Frequentis' digital tower expert Mark Robinson.

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Towards railway-specific bearer independent communication

Journalist Lesley Brown talked to B2B rail about how the railway industry can increase the flexibility and efficiency of communication, while lowering costs, with Frequentis technology. Read more here...

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The GOF U-Space project at a glance

SESAR U-space demonstrations: Safe drone traffic integration in the Gulf of Finland (GOF)

The SESAR Joint Undertaking GOF U-space project in Estonia and Finland demonstrates that Europe is on course with its implementation of U-space, an initiative that aims to ensure safe and secure drone traffic management. The project not only accelerates the realisation of manned and unmanned mobility in the lower airspace, taking into account the rapid growth in the use of drones, but also showcases the progress towards reaching the objective of a unified European airspace.