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Frequentis is activly promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through interviews and opinion peices the goal is a steady flow of outbound information that allows customers to see how Frequentis supports their business objectives. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities and thought leadership for the future.


digital tower interview

ATM Mag: A Towering Achievement

We were interviewed by David Hughes for ATM magazine in an article about Global digital tower achievements. Read the full article in the latest issue here.


Bapco Journal: Beyond the control room

Control rooms are moving beyond physical borders to effectively scale up operations and quickly adapt to continually changing conditions. David King, Frequentis UK Head of Sales, explains how LifeX as a Service solves the challenge.

All in favour of rail track safety say AI

Is there a faster way to detect rail track anomalies and prevent delays? Bettina Arendt, Frequentis User Experience Expert, Michael Kreilmeier Mission Embedded, and Prof. Axel Jantsch, TU Wien, explore the use of artificial intelligence to keep passengers moving. Read the full story in Railway-News.com

ATM Mag: Accelerating Estonian U-space as drone usage soars

Maria Tamm, Estonian Air Navigation Services, UTM Project Manager, explained to ATM magazine how digital cloud services will support the growing drone ecosystem and the concept of operations to accelerate the roll out of Estonian U-space. To read the full magazine, subscribe here.

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