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Frequentis is very active in promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through a constant stream of news and events the goal is a constant outbound information flow. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities by the company and thought leadership for the future.


Statement zur Situation rund um das Corona-Virus

Wichtige Informationen zur aktuellen Situation rund um das Corona-Virus vom Frequentis CEO an Kunden und Partner.

Low-fare And Regional Airlines Magazine: Smooth Running

Australian journalist, Michael Doran, approached us at the end of 2019 with interest in our flight plan optimisation solution for Qantas. Interviewing both our Dirk Whitake and Qantas' Mike Riegler, Michael published this informative and very positive article about our solution and its benefitfor Qantas (as well as other airlines) in the February/March 2020 issue of Low-fare And Regional Airlines (LARA) Magazine. Download the full article at the link below.

Remote digital towers take on larger airports

As global air traffic growth continues, changes are required to the way air traffic is managed. In contrast to conventional air traffic control towers, remote digital towers provide controllers with additional support tools, creating a safety enhancement. In this article, Aerosense Managing Directors, Christian Weiss and Katrin Scheidigen talk about the introduction of artificial intelligence and the multi-remote tower concept, to fully support larger airports with realising the business and operational benefits of remote digital towers.

Podcast: Sascha talks to Plane Talking UK about remote digital tower

Listen to Episode 302 of the Plane Talking UK podcast where Sascha Wirfs talks about remote digital tower and the benefits for air traffic controllers as well as military personnel. Listen here. Hear Sascha from 1:51mins.


Securing Canada’s Command and Control communications

We told Canada's Vangaurd Magazine how mission-critical tasks could be executed without fear of network outages or security breaches. The key is meeting both RED/BLACK security requirements on one system, crypoto gateways, and resilliant networks that react to changing performance needs. How do Frequentis ensure these essential requirements are met?

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