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Frequentis is activly promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through interviews and opinion peices the goal is a steady flow of outbound information that allows customers to see how Frequentis supports their business objectives. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities and thought leadership for the future.


Regional Gateway article about towering achievements, interview Frequentis

Regional Gateway: Towering achievements

In his new role as Remote Digital Tower Technology Expert, Eric Wernsperger spoke to Regional Gateway about the reasns why remote and digital tower technology is picking up momentum for regional and secodrary hubs.

Read the full article on page 26 of the digital magazine.

International Airport Review: Digitising airport operations

International Airport Review: Digitising airport operations

In our latest article in International Airport Review, we look at how innovative collaboration practices are key to building back better.

ATM Mag: Digitalisation of airport operations

We spoke to ATM Magazine in March about what our partnership with T-Systems means for airports. 

Thumbnail picture for the article about Complete Control Room Solutions

Complete Control Room Solutions

Blue Light services globally, and more specifically, in the UK are facing growing pressures to increase interservice collaboration to improve situational awareness and the speed at which incidents are resolved. Frequentis’ Karl Price explains how a comprehensive integrated toolset will better support the future demands of a modern control room in this article in the BAPCO Journal.

International Airport Review about our partnership with T-systems

Partnership with T-systems

In December we spoke to International Airport Review about our partnership with T-systems to support the digitalisation of airports, read the article online here or click download for the pdf.

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