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Technical & User Training

Technical training for maximum value

Even the most advanced technical solution depends on qualified users. Frequentis training empowers your staff in operating and maintaining your system. To support customers in gaining the maximum value from their systems, Frequentis provides a comprehensive technical training program with an experienced full-time team of professional trainers.

By attending the Frequentis courses, users, supervisors, administrators and maintenance engineers are trained to fulfil their job responsibilities according to system functionality and mutually defined support levels. A well-balanced mix of theoretical and practical elements, teaching methods, training documentation, assessment strategies and certification ensures efficient and effective training.


Courses are held in small groups with an efficient mix of classroom education and on-the-job sessions. A combination of teaching methods and tools will be chosen to achieve the desired outcome. Hands-on exercise and discussions are important elements of practical training to support a close relationship between theory and practice.


Training can be held either at the customer’s premises or at Frequentis’ newly established Technical Education Center (TEC). With classrooms, technical rooms, a welcome lobby and common areas, the TEC at the Frequentis headquarters in Vienna offers an ideal location to familiarise participants with new technical solutions.


Each participant will receive a personal version of the training documentation supplemented by the latest edition of the related system documentation. Additional handouts can be provided to support the course delivery as required.

Assessment and certification

Assessment is an integral part of each Frequentis training course and a shared responsibility between Frequentis, the customer and the trainees. During the training, the trainees’ learning progress is constantly enhanced by interactive questioning and observation of practical tasks. A quantitative assessment helps in evaluating the mastery of course material and its practical application. This assessment will be conducted at the end of the course to approve the trainees’ competency in using the system operationally. Each participant will receive a certificate of course completion, which clearly states the topics and the tasks delivered during the training.

Product Training Courses

Users, supervisors, administrators and technical staff receive thorough theoretical and practical education by participation in the relevant courses.

Further Information & Contact

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