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Synchronised traffic operations

Predictability beyond data – performance driven optimisation

Frequentis ensures efficient Air Traffic Management (ATM) and airport operations through its profound experience and domain knowledge. This expertise is utilised to turn data into valuable sources of information, allowing for the synchronisation of irregular traffic flows and patterns, making them predictable for all stakeholders. 

To achieve this, all ATM entities such as the ANSPs, network management, and airport and airline operators, must be synchronised from arrival to departure and from apron management to surface movements. Frequentis offers a unique set of skills and tools to optimise all traffic in and around the airport, providing stakeholders with a combined 4D view of their operations, which ensures continuous high performance.  

By combining data from multiple sources with the experience gained through the deployment of our Integrated Arrival and Departure Manager, Demand Capacity Balancer, and Stand Optimiser systems, Frequentis offers a comprehensive planning process that improves the predictability of traffic. The integration of these planning tools into air traffic management systems such as Frequentis PRISMA, Frequentis TowerPad or third-party systems, significantly simplifies the management of operations for ANSPs and airports. This leads to increased automation, better transparency in planning, full utilisation of available resources, and improved environmental sustainability. 

Products & Solutions

Integrated Arrival Departure Manager (IAD)

It can be difficult to optimise runway usage at high-demand, capacity-constrained airports, especially in the case of mixed-mode operations at airports that have just one runway for both arrivals and departures. The Frequentis Integrated Arrival Departure Manager (IAD) solution addresses the challenge of balancing arrivals and departures for maximised airport performance, for example by optimising the efficiency of integrating departures into the arrival stream.

Arrival Manager (AMAN)

The Frequentis Arrival Manager (AMAN) solution helps air traffic controllers efficiently manage inbound flights to optimise runway and airspace capacity. AMAN offers decision-support capabilities to all controllers managing arrivals. Where required, it can be deployed in multi-runway configurations and multi-airport environments. In 2021, the Frequentis Orthogon AMAN won the CANSO Maverick Sustainability Award for its contribution to sustainable aviation.

Departure Manager (DMAN)

The Frequentis Departure Manager solution supports consistent optimised planning of outbound airport traffic, in turn driving optimised target times at the runway and the stands. Its key objectives are the efficient management of airport departure traffic, to ensure maximum utilisation of the available runway capacity, and the appropriate management of additional constraints such as Minimum Departure Intervals (MDIs) and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) requirements.

Demand Capacity Balancer

The Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB) is the world’s first Airport Operations Plan (AOP) management tool. The solution provides a powerful digital twin of airport operations and significantly extends the current planning horizon of Airport CDM to support the AOP implementation in Europe and globally. DCB enables information sharing and integration with the Network Operations Plan (NOP), for example through its unique capability to calculate Target Times of Arrival (TTA).

Stand Optimiser

The Stand Optimiser manages stand planning and allocation at airports. It improves stand utilisation through KPI-based optimisation and what-if capability, resulting in better airport efficiency and increased capacity. Its unique capability to integrate with our Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB) helps to connect airport airside and landside information and contributes to the Airport Operations Plan (AOP) for early and proactive performance management by all airport stakeholders.

O4D Trajectory Prediction

The Frequentis Orthogon 4D (O4D) Trajectory Prediction has a proven track record of more than 20 years in providing reliable trajectory predictions in air traffic management (ATM). O4D contributes to air traffic flow management (ATFM) and air traffic control (ATC) as well as the coordination with airspace users to achieve optimum trajectories. Frequentis Orthogon successfully deployed the O4D Trajectory Prediction as a service within skyguide’s pioneering Virtual Centre programme.

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