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Our customers

Around 400 customers in approximately 150 countries rely on the know-how and experience of Frequentis, ensuring the safety of 95% of the world’s passengers and aircraft. We have installed around 40,000 operator positions throughout the world and can draw on enormous reserves of project expertise built during numerous international engagements.

We are committed to delivering in line with our tagline “for a safer world”, providing products and solutions that meet the highest quality standards. As a long-term partner in the aviation sector, our customers can trust in our ability to implement complex projects, using agile methods, and putting the focus on users. We are driving the digital transformation of ATM towards a service-based IT ecosystem, increasing the level of autonomy through innovation and research.

Our customers

Air Navigation Service Providers

An Air Navigation Service Provider is an organisation that provides navigation services to aircraft in the airspace or in the manoeuvring area. As such they ensure the safe and efficient passage of aircraft in their airspaces all around the world.

Aeronautical Data Service Providers

In the new ATM world, ATM data service providers (ADSPs) will provide the data and applications required to provide ATS. An ADSP is an entity which manages ATM data processing and produces associated services for air traffic service providers. The ADSP is therefore an enabler for the Virtual Centre, since it can be geographically remote from the ATS.

Unmanned Traffic Service Providers

Today’s airspace is changing: UTM can provide a more digital, interoperable and scalable approach. The emergence of new aerial vehicles - like drones and flying taxis - and new aircraft operations is changing the way we configure and manage our skies. Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) is now a critical component in enabling these new aerial vehicles to safely enter and share our airspace.


Airports are the international hubs where great journeys start and must build more flexible and efficient operations to support the “new normal” business model.

Flight Information Service Providers

Any FIS unit provides information and assistance useful for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight, at the request of the pilot. Serving a crucial role in providing essential weather briefings or route information, flight information service providers contribute to safety in the sky.

Space Agencies

While today’s space traffic can easily be accommodated into the regular ATM system, the future of space flight looks very different. From being 100% state-owned in the past, there’s now an evolution towards a more commercial approach to space operations.


Slovenia Control
Frequentis Airservices
Morocco upgrades aeronautical message handling with Frequentis Comsoft

Morocco upgrades aeronautical message handling with Frequentis Comsoft

The Moroccan Airports Authority, ONDA (Office National Des Aéroports), entrusted Frequentis Comsoft with the upgrade of their message handling and switching capability in line with latest ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) basic and extended AMHS (ATS Message Handling System) service profiles.

Thanks to its strategic location, Morocco is an important hub for air traffic flows between many regions of the world. The continuous and secure flow of aeronautical messages is crucial to safe air traffic management, which is why upgrades to new standards and the implementation of new features are vital in preparing ONDA for the future demands and challenges of its airspace.

“Frequentis Comsoft successfully upgraded our message handling system, smoothly, ahead of schedule and with no interruption to normal operation, despite COVID restrictions. The upgrade enables us to further support the increasing demands of our service, both now and in the future.” said Bartal Said, Information Processing Division Manager, ONDA.

michaela.dornhackl@frequentis.com | 2022-06-23

CAELUM and FREQUENTIS partner to develop solutions for South Korean unmanned traffic management market

CAELUM Co., Ltd, a South Korean aerospace & defense industry developer, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Frequentis Singapore Pte Ltd, a global industry leader in air traffic management (ATM) systems, to work in collaboration on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions in South Korea.

The MoU represents the first steps between CAELUM and Frequentis to address the growing need for next-generation traffic management systems capable of handling the unique challenges of UAM technologies, including flexible use of airspace. Initial discussions confidently advocate the combination of Frequentis’ know-how in ATM system development and manufacturing with CAELUM’s financing and project management capabilities to create a successful UTM solution. CAELUM and Frequentis have committed to further discussions in an effort to develop their joint action plan.

jennifer.mclellan@frequentis.com | 2022-06-22

Frequentis to upgrade Mexican VSAT network in cooperation with ND Satcom

​​​​​​​Mexico to enhance airspace network availability with FREQUENTIS satellite system upgrade

Frequentis to upgrade Mexican VSAT network in cooperation with ND Satcom

SENEAM, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) of Mexico, has selected a turnkey VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) network solution from Frequentis, in cooperation with ND Satcom. The main goal of the project is to optimise the bandwidth utilisation of the satellite segment and increase the availability of all Air Traffic Management (ATM) services. The solution complies with strict requirements of the ATM domain as well as specifically supporting SENEAM’s safety-critical operations.

jennifer.mclellan@frequentis.com | 2022-06-22

FREQUENTIS UTM system to optimise drone operations for Norwegian offshore platforms
France selects FREQUENTIS Remote Digital Tower

ATM Mag: Reducing digital tower footprint

As digital tower technology continues to prove itself at airports, Frequentis DFS Aerosense is exploring even more efficiency gains and cost savings in a sustainable, compact version. We spoke to ATM Magazine about why the long-term benefits centre around multi-remote tower centres for a network of airports and how rising energy prices are just one reason leading organisations to look at a smaller set-up.

Click download to read the full article:

jennifer.mclellan@frequentis.com | 2022-06-20

Finland transforms air traffic surveillance with FREQUENTIS Wide Area Multilateration system


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