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ATM - grade networks

Leading the way towards the digital sky

Frequentis ensures that air traffic safety demands are matched with the appropriate network technology. This is critical to increase airspace capacity, enhance safety and reduce the cost per flight. By bringing the available building blocks together in one tailored network solution, we can achieve this as part of an IP-based solution or within a hybrid environment. Frequentis has the expertise to merge applications into a converged IP infrastructure, manage safety-critical applications in a dedicated solution and integrate multiple technologies from many providers (e.g., MPLS, microwave, VSAT) into a homogenous end-to-end network solution.  

Frequentis provides application-aware routing of all communication streams by matching the available network quality with the demands of the applications using the network. A convergent network infrastructure requires scalability, a full understanding of integrating multiple technologies from different vendors, vendor-neutral end-to-end monitoring of applications and networks, and managing intelligent routing and control.  

With new technological solutions based on the future communication infrastructure, Frequentis is ready to enable new airspace operational concepts. Utilising the possibilities of broadband connectivity for safety-critical applications, future solutions like LDACS will ensure ongoing increases in overall airspace safety and performance. 

Products & Solutions

Voice & Data Gateway

VCX-IP is an advanced gateway for voice and data communications complying with European and international VoIP standards for civil and military ATM. It provides protocol conversion for radio, phone and data, enables ATM-specific contingency scenarios using intelligent routing, and optimises ATM applications used by civil and military air navigation service providers.

Network Management System

In the world of air traffic management (ATM), the structure of ATM systems, networks and ANSP organisations is both complex and fragmented. In combination with today’s approach, in which ANSPs use highly resilient, modern converged IP networks, this situation creates an opaque environment, in which it is almost impossible to have a common situational picture for stakeholders. 

ATM Network Quality Assurance

NetBroker is an automatic service level manager tailored for air traffic management (ATM) networks. Combining real-time performance information from the network with application needs and pre-defined mitigation scenarios, it enables converged networks serving all applications – from safety-critical to administrative. It fills the technical gap between conventional IP networks and the very specific and heterogeneous requirements of different ATM applications.

Surveillance Data Distribution

SDDS-NG is a state-of-the-art solution for the easy and safe interconnection of any system that handles surveillance data. In ATC, the need to integrate an increasing number of surveillance systems is well-known. However, due to changing technologies and additional surveillance data users, the necessary stability of surveillance distribution environments is at risk. SDDS-NG is the safe and scalable solution, catering for all current and future surveillance distribution needs by providing the single access point for surveillance data.


LDACS (L-band Digital Aeronautical Communication System) is a high-throughput terrestrial datalink that will provide additional bandwidth and high performance for air-ground connectivity.

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