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Voice & data gateway

Voice & Data Gateway

ATM Network & Gateways - VCX-IP

VCX-IP is an advanced gateway for voice and data communications complying with European and international VoIP standards for civil and military air traffic management (ATM). It provides protocol conversion for radio, phone and data, enables ATM-specific contingency scenarios using intelligent routing, and optimises ATM applications used by civil and military air navigation service providers.

VCX-IP at a glance

  • Frequentis has pioneered ATM-specific countrywide radio network solutions since 1995
  • Frequentis customers have successfully managed more than one billion hours of safe air travel using our VCX-IP network solutions worldwide
  • Installations in 70 countries on 6 continents
  • The largest VCX-IP deployments integrate hundreds of radio, phone and data services, comprising more than 1,500 network nodes and connecting more than 70 sites with multiple centres


Key features

Migration to IP

VCX-IP provides a cost-efficient, step-wise migration path to manage the transition from legacy infrastructure to IP in the optimal way. In addition to IP interfaces, VCX-IP supports a wide range of legacy interfaces and even low-speed data services still used with radar systems.

High performing radio & data network

Optimise ATM applications with bi-directional dynamic delay compensation over hybrid (TDM, IP and satellite) networks, echo-free side tone with over-the-air loop checks to ensure safe and comfortable operation for controllers, and deterministic network behaviour for all voice and data communication flows.

High availability for safe operations

Fully redundant hardware and software compliant with European and international quality and safety standards will provide the highest levels of business continuity, supporting parallel multi-technology hybrid WAN backbones and zero-downtime configuration changes.


Increased radio network performance

Echo-free voice communications compliant with international ATM VoIP standards; deterministic network behaviour for all voice and data communications flows.

Highest levels of business continuity & safety

A safety-driven architecture using fully redundant hardware and software in compliance with ED-153 SWAL3 provides high availability and fast switchover times in case of link failures, maintaining voice and data connections.

Reduced total cost of ownership

  • Supports multiple legacy voice and data interfaces within an all-IP environment.
  • Proven interoperability with other vendors’ equipment based on the ED-137 standard.
  • Ten years of life-cycle support.
  • Operational cost savings through voice compression, ATM specific bandwidth optimisation, and flexible routing.


Demo video: VCX-IP | 2023
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