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The proven leader in ATM Voice Communications

Providing reliable, high-quality voice communications is one of the pillars of successful Air Traffic Management (ATM). With more than 200,000 flights a day, communication between ATC and pilots is more crucial than ever to guarantee successful aircraft movements both on the ground and in the air.

Good communication reduces the risk of accidents and is therefore a critical safety aspect in aviation. As with any safety aspect, the best practice is to rely on domain professionals to guarantee seamless communication. This is where Frequentis, market leader in ATC voice communications, comes in.

The company has been innovating in air traffic control for over 75 years. Frequentis is acknowledged as the number one supplier for ATM safety-critical communication systems globally since 1948.

Trusted and proven by air traffic controllers all over the globe, Frequentis has set the benchmark for communication solutions. The company has shaped new operational concepts such as virtual centres and area control contingency solutions. By using human-centric design, Frequentis introduces new technologies without leaving anybody behind.

Whatever the communication challenge, Frequentis has the optimal voice communication solution.

Frequentis voice products and solutions

Whatever your communication challenge or set-up, Frequentis has the right solution backed by experienced and certified project teams to help deliver any customer-specific ATM communications project.


Products & Solutions

X10 Voice Communication Solution

X10 is Frequentis’ innovative voice communication solution based on a state-of-the-art service-oriented architecture, facilitating the transition of pure ATM-based voice communications to Unified Aeronautical Communications. Operating on the Frequentis MosaiX platform, it can easily be integrated with other technologies from the Frequentis portfolio to deliver strong operational benefits.

Liberty-STAR VCS

Liberty-STAR™ VCS provides a fully standardised voice communication solution, which is easy to set up and ideally suited to small towers and as a system of last resort. Its IP-at-the-core VCS architecture offers the ideal combination of reliability and functionality.


VCS3020X was Frequentis’ first IP-based voice communication solution and has proven its value from smaller tower set-ups to international collaborative operations. The company’s best-selling VCS solution, it supports ED-137 VoIP standards and legacy telephone and radio interfaces.


GuardX is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art recording solution designed to address the evolving demands of safety-critical environments. With an array of recording sources, GuardX ensures comprehensive coverage, capturing all essential data for analysis and review in various environments. Its user-friendly interface makes the replay of recordings a seamless experience, empowering users to extract valuable insights efficiently.

Voice & Data Gateway

VCX-IP is an advanced gateway for voice and data communications complying with European and international VoIP standards for civil and military ATM. It provides protocol conversion for radio, phone and data, enables ATM-specific contingency scenarios using intelligent routing, and optimises ATM applications used by civil and military air navigation service providers.


FREQUENTIS X10 prepares Luxembourg Airport for future-ready voice communications
Austro Control Dronespace
Estonia revolutionises drone flying
Network solution for efficient airspace management for Norway
EUROCONTROL MUAC fallback operations

FREQUENTIS to ensure greater airspace safety and capacity for EUROCONTROL MUAC fallback operations

  • Safety and airspace capacity will be enhanced at one of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspaces
  • The Fallback Controller Working Position (CWP) follows Single European Sky open data interface principles
  • Based on the Frequentis OneATM user interface framework ODS Open Platform, the CWP ensures resilient operations even at high traffic volumes

EUROCONTROL, MUAC, one of the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) of four EUROCONTROL member states – Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, selected Frequentis to provide its CWP as part of the MUAC fallback automation system. To ensure a high airspace capacity during fallback operations, while maintaining safety levels, EUROCONTROL's primary CWP will be mirrored by the fallback system, enabling controller requirements to be met in a similar way.


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