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GuardX recording solution enables the recording and perfectly synchronous replay of a broad range of audio, video and other digital sources. There is no limit to the number of channels or sources that can be recorded.

GuardX supports the recording and replay of:

  • a variety of audio formats; analogue, digital and VoIP (ED-137B / C)
  • all screen resolutions and screen topologies
  • radar feeds
  • cameras feeds
  • IP network traffic

GuardX architecture


Recording that keeps you protected and compliant

Safety-critical industries have strict legal requirements and regulations. With the GuardX we follow the latest industry regulations and directives. Therefore GuardX supports compliance with:

  • CAP 670 standards
  • ICAO standards
  • EUROCAE ED-111
  • EUROCAE ED-137B / C


Easy-to-use interface with powerful investigation tools

GuardX activity window

The easy-to-use web-based GuardX Studio includes all available features for replay, monitoring and configuration. GuardX Studio runs on the Chrome web browser and therefore does not require any specialised installation.

  • Synchronous replay
    Immediate visualisation and perfectly synchronised replay of all recorded sources.
  • Quarantine
    Put selected datasets in quarantine in order to avoid automatic deletion of data.
  • Bookmark
    Create bookmarks to easily replay a scenario including one or multiple sources.
  • User management
    Easy management of users, roles and access rights. Active Directory sync is also supported.
  • Audit trail
    All actions taken by any user are logged in an audit trail to prevent tampering and maintain control over changes to the system.
  • Alarms
    Determine the state of the system with alarms and monitoring. The alarms can be distributed as SNMP traps.
  • System overview
    Real-time information on a variety of performance data such as alarm status, storage utilisation, CPU load and memory usage.
  • Data extraction
    Extract data by using the impound tool or export data to .waw or .mp4 files as required during investigation.


Market-leading interactive radar reproduction for investigation purposes

GuardX radar

GuardX includes intuitive and highly sophisticated replay and investigation features, helping to increase the efficiency of the investigators and controllers.

  • Reproduction
    Replay recorded radar feeds in perfectly synchrony with other recorded sources such as audio, screens, CCTV etc.
  • Target labels
    Display target information such as altitude, ground speed, position etc. on one or multiple aircraft.
  • Measurements
    Measure horizontal and vertical separation, relative speed, direction etc. between two or more targets.
  • Filtering
    Search and filter out aircraft to isolate your view based on parameters such as altitude or speed etc.
  • Scenario mode
    A radar data set is cached on the client side, enabling the user to pan through the data set without the need for play/start/stop/pause.
  • Dimensions
    Presentation of radar data can be performed in 2D view or 3D view. Shifting between 2D and 3D views can be done on-the-fly.
  • Export
    Export data for selected targets to an Excel or .csv file for further processing.
  • Opacity
    Dim targets which are not relevant for the investigation.

Store recorded data the way you want

Secure storage of data is an important element of the GuardX recording solution. A high-quality and maximum-stability RAID storage solution is therefore used in all recording solutions delivered by Frequentis.

  • On-premises
  • Central storage
  • Cloud-based
  • Redundant solution

Data security at rest

Ensure that your data is securely stored and protected at all time. GuardX comes with

  • User authentication
  • Role-based access
  • Encrypted communication and storage
  • Regular security audits


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