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The thorough and reliable documentation of control centre operations is an important issue in safety-critical environments. 

Using the recorded information, organisations can investigate events, prepare detailed reports, and support training activities. To reconstruct the operators’ environments at the time of events, it is crucial to connect with all systems used by the operators and to record the displayed and transmitted information and communications between all involved parties. Recognising the importance of reliable recording solutions in safety-critical environments, Frequentis offers intuitive solutions for consuming and analysing recorded data and communications.

Learn more about our solutions built around our powerful, universal next-generation product GuardX.


GuardX is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art recording solution designed to address the evolving demands of safety-critical environments. With an array of recording sources, GuardX ensures comprehensive coverage, capturing all essential data for analysis and review in various environments. Its user-friendly interface makes the replay of recordings a seamless experience, empowering users to extract valuable insights efficiently.


DIVOS is a reliable recording system, integrated with the Frequentis voice communication portfolio. The product has continuously evolved and today provides a browser-based front-end with screen and video recording. Customers can migrate to the next-generation recording solution GuardX.

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