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Events – both industry and Frequentis led – are a key format for sharing the latest developments within the company’s portfolio of solutions. The topics shared in this section highlight prior activities and upcoming ones.


International Airport Summit

International Airport Summit 2022


This summit will examine how airports from around the world are managing today’s challenges, leveraging the latest innovations and driving operational excellence. Leading speakers from around the world reveal how they are continuing to evolve their future strategy, as well as share their lessons learned from the year.


CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2022

Goa, India

Building on the Complete Air Traffic System Global Council’s vision for the skies of 2045, the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2022 will unite around 200 senior air traffic management delegates from the region and beyond for three days of networking, debate, analysis and insight.

SESAR Virtual Centre - Open Day

Frequentis Headquarter, Vienna

This event will showcase the results of projects PJ10-W2-93 and PJ32-W3-03 and will give you a view of the current status of our virtual centre solution and its role in future air traffic management systems.

Take part in a live hands-on demonstration of how Frequentis can dissolve traditional technological and organisational silos, by means of cross-border validations with air traffic service sites throughout the whole of Europe, including the latest technology to implement the aeronautical data service provision (ADSP) model.


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