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As a leading provider in the aviation industry, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of airspace operations. With our OneATM approach, we focus on integrating these products to unlock additional operational benefits and drive efficiency.

At the heart of our technological ecosystem is MosaiX, our unified platform. It seamlessly brings together our solutions, enabling enhanced collaboration and efficiency in air traffic management. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience, empowering our customers to navigate the future of aviation technology with confidence.

OneATM products & technologies overview


Explore our range of cutting-edge technologies and discover how Frequentis is shaping the future of air traffic management. Join us on this exciting journey and experience the power of seamless integration with Frequentis and MosaiX.


Range of technologies


Explore the world of automation within Frequentis's extensive product and technology portfolio. Our automation solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and safety across various aviation environments including tower and centre.


Frequentis is acknowledged as the number one supplier for safety critical communication systems globally. Trusted and proven by more than 25,000 air traffic controllers, and guiding the way to new operational concepts like virtual centres and area control contingency solutions the Frequentis communication solutions set the benchmark among controllers. Virtualisation, cloud-based systems and intelligent networks are the foundation of the modern IT-based ATM technologies.

Traffic Optimisation

Ensuring effective Air Traffic Management operations at and around airports today calls for innovative, perhaps even ground-breaking procedures and decision-support systems. Globally, the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) provide an appropriate blueprint. At the European level, the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programme is blazing a trail for ATM modernisation and greener operations.

Information Management

Digital data transformation is at the heart of the new ATM. Digital data and autonomous systems are the future for managing both the traditional aircraft and the new entrants. Frequentis has been supporting the transition from AIS to AIM for decades and has been providing the very first ATM cloud-based data service as part of the European Aeronautical Database for almost 20 years. The digital revolution of ATM has already started.


Surveillance lies at the heart of air traffic management. Optimised surveillance infrastructure allows routes to be brought closer together resulting in an increase of capacity. Frequentis looks back on a long history of experience with the supply of innovative surveillance solutions. The product portfolio includes ADS-B sensors, multilateration systems, surveillance data distribution and processing systems, trackers and surveillance displays.


Providing the best results in Air Traffic Management (ATM) communications and keeping aviation passengers safe requires a solution designed for the challenges of a modern air traffic management network. vitalsphere provides a level of safety and end-to-end performance not available from conventional networks. By brokering network capacity between ATM-specific applications and non-ATM specialised backbone networks, vitalsphere reduces total cost of ownership and allows for bandwidth savings of up to 90%.


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are now a permanent fixture: their usage is anticipated to grow rapidly in the coming years. As an early responder to the new challenges of rising UAV traffic, Frequentis continues to create innovative solutions that help airports and ANSPs overcome these challenges.

Recording ATM

Legal recording plays a crucial role in various fields, including investigations and training. At Frequentis, we understand the importance of reliable recording solutions, especially in safety critical environments like air traffic control. Frequentis offers two exceptional products tailored to meet the specific needs of legal recording in the air traffic management domain: GuardX and the legacy DIVOS product.

Digital Platform

With ATM players becoming more and more connected, a shared information space is becoming crucial for safe, secure and efficient operations. The digital age transforms existing, monolithic applications into shared services, enabling backend integration of data and and the same time front-end integration into an integrated controller working position.  

Professional ATM Services

Building on decades of industry experience, Frequentis offers expert professional services to help ANSPs plan, design, implement, integrate and manage advanced ATM automation solutions. Through engagements on numerous successful customer projects around the globe we have developed deep knowledge of all phases of the project lifecycle, from design through to implementation, migration and ongoing technical services during the maintenance phase.


FREQUENTIS X10 prepares Luxembourg Airport for future-ready voice communications
Austro Control Dronespace
Estonia revolutionises drone flying
Network solution for efficient airspace management for Norway
EUROCONTROL MUAC fallback operations

FREQUENTIS to ensure greater airspace safety and capacity for EUROCONTROL MUAC fallback operations

  • Safety and airspace capacity will be enhanced at one of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspaces
  • The Fallback Controller Working Position (CWP) follows Single European Sky open data interface principles
  • Based on the Frequentis OneATM user interface framework ODS Open Platform, the CWP ensures resilient operations even at high traffic volumes

EUROCONTROL, MUAC, one of the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) of four EUROCONTROL member states – Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, selected Frequentis to provide its CWP as part of the MUAC fallback automation system. To ensure a high airspace capacity during fallback operations, while maintaining safety levels, EUROCONTROL's primary CWP will be mirrored by the fallback system, enabling controller requirements to be met in a similar way.


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