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Our customers

Around 400 customers in approximately 150 countries rely on the know-how and experience of Frequentis, ensuring the safety of 95% of the world’s passengers and aircraft. We have installed around 40,000 operator positions throughout the world and can draw on enormous reserves of project expertise built during numerous international engagements.

We are committed to delivering in line with our tagline “for a safer world”, providing products and solutions that meet the highest quality standards. As a long-term partner in the aviation sector, our customers can trust in our ability to implement complex projects, using agile methods, and putting the focus on users. We are driving the digital transformation of ATM towards a service-based IT ecosystem, increasing the level of autonomy through innovation and research.

Our customers

Air Navigation Service Providers

An Air Navigation Service Provider is an organisation that provides navigation services to aircraft in the airspace or in the manoeuvring area. As such they ensure the safe and efficient passage of aircraft in their airspaces all around the world.

Aeronautical Data Service Providers

In the new ATM world, ATM data service providers (ADSPs) will provide the data and applications required to provide ATS. An ADSP is an entity which manages ATM data processing and produces associated services for air traffic service providers. The ADSP is therefore an enabler for the Virtual Centre, since it can be geographically remote from the ATS.

Unmanned Traffic Service Providers

Today’s airspace is changing: UTM can provide a more digital, interoperable and scalable approach. The emergence of new aerial vehicles - like drones and flying taxis - and new aircraft operations is changing the way we configure and manage our skies. Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) is now a critical component in enabling these new aerial vehicles to safely enter and share our airspace.


Airports are the international hubs where great journeys start and must build more flexible and efficient operations to support the “new normal” business model.

Flight Information Service Providers

Any FIS unit provides information and assistance useful for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight, at the request of the pilot. Serving a crucial role in providing essential weather briefings or route information, flight information service providers contribute to safety in the sky.

Space Agencies

While today’s space traffic can easily be accommodated into the regular ATM system, the future of space flight looks very different. From being 100% state-owned in the past, there’s now an evolution towards a more commercial approach to space operations.


FREQUENTIS enhances airspace safety in Spain with nationwide contingency voice communication system

ENAIRE, the air navigation service provider (ANSP) of Spain, is upgrading 14 contingency voice communication systems across nine different locations in Barcelona, Madrid Area Control Centre and ENAIRE Test Centre, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Málaga, Valencia and Zaragoza.

The project, contracted in 2020, is the first large-scale voice communication project for the country, and was driven by a need for the renewal of the country’s backup systems. Frequentis has now implemented the contingency systems at both the main operations room and the contingency room in Seville, with the systems in Palma de Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Málaga and Madrid following throughout 2022 and 2023. | 2022-12-07

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport ready for expected growth with FREQUENTIS digital tower solution

  • First controller-to-pilot IP Voice Communication in the United States
  • The Frequentis integrated digital tower solution will increase controller efficiency in support of air traffic growth and is compliant with ED-137 standard
  • The modernised tower houses eight controller working positions, supporting expected growth to the region

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Tower has been replaced by a new tower fitted with an integrated digital tower solution from Frequentis. The digital tower solution consists of an IP voice communication solution, featuring the ED-137 standard, integrated recording and digital terminal information and weather services, ensuring controllers have modern, digital solutions to support the additional growth expected to the region, including space for eight controllers. | 2022-11-07


One billion hours of safe air travel with FREQUENTIS advanced voice and data gateway, VCX-IP

  • Frequentis has pioneered ATM-specific countrywide radio network solutions since 1995
  • Installations in 70 countries on six continents
  • The largest VCX-IP deployments integrate hundreds of radio, phone and data services, comprising over 1,500 network nodes, connecting more than 70 sites with multiple centres

The Frequentis voice communication network solution, VCX-IP, has evolved significantly since its initial development around two decades ago. It started as a network solution to enhance network functionality, such as shared access to radios and radars. Several country-wide deployments in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, Oman and Brazil are successful milestones that have contributed considerably to making Frequentis the market leader in network solutions for Air Traffic Management (ATM).

To read the press release in full, please click "download".

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