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Technical Support & Service Delivery

Technical support for a large variety of hardware & software 

Support doesn’t end when a system is delivered. The offering covers product maintenance, technical support, managed and cloud-based customer services.

Frequentis manages more than 500 active service contracts in 150 countries in five business areas. Key success factor is the broad experience. Frequentis has managed service contracts for more than 50 years, understands its customers' business priorities and designs the services to meet business needs enhanced by strategic thinking through clear articulation of service capabilities. Frequentis customers appreciate the resulting clarity in managing the cost of services and the company's capabilities in managing expectations with respect to development and delivery of services.

For more details please download the following document:
Solution Brief: Technical Support and Service Delivery (pdf)

Should you require additional support with your Frequentis system, an automated support request can be initiated here:

Product Maintenance

Following its own intellectual property, Frequentis manages hardware-oriented solutions as well as software-defined solutions within various domains of service as part of their customer's critical infrastructure. As a result, the company's capabilities and processes allow for hardware solutions on a design-freeze model as well as software-centric solutions that are more widely accessible via the internet. Frequentis also offers highly demanding tailored solutions that meet specific customer requirements or country laws and regulations, and that can be adapted to ensure evergreen status during operations.


Technical Support & Managed Services

Frequentis understands that customers have different operational support demands with respect to their support organisations. As software-defined solutions require a significant breadth of support knowledge, the primary challenge for customers is to successfully maintain an organisation of appropriately trained people as well as the processes and organisational structure to support their critical systems on a 24x7 basis.


SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Although the commercial use of cloud infrastructure is already widely accepted and Frequentis has provided cloud-based services for some time, Frequentis is only just beginning to see the emergence of this technology in its customers' security-critical environments. There are technical reasons for this as well as regulatory requirements, safety-relevant requirements and last but not least a reasonably wary attitude among customers towards this relatively new technology.


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