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Product Maintenance

Following its own intellectual property, Frequentis manages hardware-oriented solutions as well as software-defined solutions within various domains of service as part of their customer's critical infrastructure. As a result, the company's capabilities and processes allow for hardware solutions on a design-freeze model as well as software-centric solutions that are more widely accessible via the internet. Frequentis also offers highly demanding tailored solutions that meet specific customer requirements or country laws and regulations, and that can be adapted to ensure evergreen status during operations.

Furthermore, Frequentis supports its customers in managing a large variety of software (basic commercial-off-the-shelf software such as operating systems, virtualisation software, database software) in addition to the Frequentis software components, to allow for a one-stop-shop service concept integrated with our customer's support organisations.

For this reason, the Frequentis product maintenance approach consists of four central elements, according to the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) definition:

  • Preventive maintenance
    Which is the proactive modification of software performed for the purpose of preventing software problems before they occur
  • Corrective maintenance
    Which is the reactive modification of software performed after delivery to correct discovered faults
  • Adaptive maintenance
    Which is the reactive modification of software performed after delivery to keep it usable in a changed or changing environment
  • Perfective maintenance
    Which is the reactive modification of software after delivery to improve performance or maintainability

In these ways, Frequentis continuously corrects, improves and develops its products. Additionally, Frequentis continuously observes the development and change within our markets to consider the characteristics in the product strategy of each Frequentis product individually.

In terms of security, Frequentis emphasizes that its System Security activities are part of the company-wide ISMS (information security management system) and follow security requirements derived from international security standards and best security practices as addressed in the Frequentis System Security Policy. The Policy is implementation-independent and comprises the whole Frequentis product portfolio addressing system development, integration and operation requirements. The security process is incorporated in the Frequentis development process, including detailed Security Risk Assessments for products and solutions. Every system development milestone must fulfil defined security criteria that are controlled by a Security Manager.

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