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Public Safety

Public Safety

Largest single command and control operation in Europe

Public Safety has been supplying emergency services organisations with highly reliable, easy-to-use control centre solutions for more than two decades. Extensive expertise gained from a comprehensive and scalable voice communication and information offering across key industries sets the foundation for supporting multiple segments with solutions tailored to customer needs. As communication technology evolves toward more open and multimedia-oriented standards and platforms, Frequentis is leading the way in defining and implementing these standards through active participation in industry organisations, such as EENA, NENA, APCO and TCCA.

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Emergency Services digital radio now connects fire brigade and medical emergency control centres in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Frequentis unified TETRA Gateway enables integration of various control centres

The state-wide emergency services digital radio now connects 17 control centres of the fire brigade and emergency medical services of North Rhine-Westphalia, via the NRW concentrator developed by Frequentis. The remaining 43 non-police emergency control centres are planned to be connected during the course of the expansion project over the coming years, better equipping the region for all emergency service incidents.

gyro | 2017-11-28

FREQUENTIS communication and collaboration platform 3020 LifeX provides new solutions for “networked safety”

Frequentis will present the topic “networked safety” for the very first time at PMRExpo, 28-29 November, using the example of a major incident.

The interactive presentation will demonstrate the high performance and added value of the state-of-the-art technology and mission-critical applications for citizens, emergency personnel, and decision-makers, under realistic conditions and in the context of a networked safety scenario. The wide use of communication devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, LTE and related mission-critical broadband applications make it possible to provide “networked safety” for everyone involved in an incident.

gyro | 2017-11-28

Department of Health selects FREQUENTIS control room software

Cloud-based infrastructure from Frequentis will assist the UK Ambulance Trust with its evolution to an Emergency Service Network (ESN)

Frequentis 3020 LifeX integration platform has been selected by the Department of Health as a replacement for the current Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS). The Control Room Software (CRS) project required a new approach to the provision of radio dispatch for the UK Ambulance Trust using a cloud-based model. The system will enable the Trust to be ready to transition to the United Kingdom’s Emergency Services Network (ESN).

admin | 2017-07-19

Pan-European crisis and disaster management research EPISECC

At the Civil Protection Center in Palmanova, Italy, the research project EPISECC* , funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7, demonstrated innovative information technology to enable interoperability between public safety agencies.  The electronic information exchange between these stakeholders will aide them in response to large disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, forest fires, technical incidents, or terrorist attacks.

admin | 2017-06-12

Pioneering mission-critical mobile services over LTE

Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) fosters a faster response and enhanced situational awareness in the event of a disaster. Frequentis and its technology partners, Austrian mobile radio provider A1, Italian LTE mobile core network provider Athonet and Spanish MCPTT application provider Nemergent, united to demonstrate the rapid establishment of safety-critical LTE communication infrastructure “at the network edge” during a serious incident. It was a breakthrough demonstration in mission-critical mobile services as it pioneered services based on the latest 3GPP standards such as MC-PTT.

admin | 2017-05-31

Volker Hartwein, FREQUENTIS Deutschland, elected as new Executive Board member for German Federal Professional Mobile Radio Association (PMeV)

In March, the German Federal Association of Professional Mobile Radio, the PMeV, elected a new executive board, with Volker Hartwein of Frequentis Germany now one of its members. His appointment is a great recognition of Mr. Hartwein’s work, previously holding responsibility for the field of control centres within the PMeV. By electing Mr. Hartwein to its Executive Board, the PMeV gains a representative of a company which is a manufacturer and global provider of professional control centre solutions. 

admin | 2017-05-03

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Frequentis upgrade South Tyrol’s command and control centre

Civil Protection Agency expands integrated communications and dispatching system. The South Tyrolean Civil Protection Agency has gone live with a system upgrade and expansion to its integrated command and control center. A Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure customer since 1999, the agency worked with Hexagon and Frequentis to upgrade and integrate its Frequentis 3020 LifeX communications platform with Hexagon’s Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system. 

admin | 2017-04-06

Huawei and Frequentis sign MOU to accelerate new opportunities in Public Safety

At CeBIT 2017, Huawei and Frequentis, a leading global supplier of communication and information solutions for safety-critical industries signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the joint development of an open ecosystem for public safety solutions, in a move set to usher in safer cities. In the face of mounting public security threats, Huawei is committed to joining forces with leading industry partners to develop a vibrant, robust, and open Safe City ecosystem.

admin | 2017-03-22

Emergency Services

When lives are at stake and when each second counts, emergency services must have the best tools at their disposal to adequately respond to such situations. These tools must be robust, reliable and available when a call for help comes in. During a crisis, the critical data and information needed to make the right decision in such stressful situations must be presented in a highly intuitive, user-friendly interface. All Frequentis products were designed using real-world emergency operations management criteria.

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The inherent high reliability of Frequentis products, combined with their failsafe, redundant and distributed design, ensures smooth operation for customers with mission-critical applications. The solution provides the unique capabilities and functionality required for day-to-day emergency response operations. It also provides the capacity needed to withstand the heaviest demands of a worst-case disaster scenario.

With an installed base of users in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States, the company is serving some of the largest and most demanding public safety institutions in the world. During the 2012 London Olympics, the Metropolitan Police Service relied on the company to support the largest command and control centre in Europe, consisting of more than 600 working positions and 60,000 CCTV cameras in use for video surveillance.

The integrated command and control system (ICCS) brings together voice, video and data in support of NENA i3 (NG911), EENA LTD (NG112), TCCA and ETSI industry standards. Supporting seamless patching between multiple media – such as emergency calls, TETRA and LTE – is a key feature of the system. If desired, the company can integrate an end-to-end control centre solution – building on ICCS and working with partners – to include sensors, cameras, video and data analytics, mobile applications and even the furnishings for the centre itself.

The Frequentis multimedia integration platform 3020 LifeX™, the company´s latest ICCS, utilises a service-oriented architecture (SOA), combined with multi-tenancy capabilities, in order to support virtualisation of control centre operations in hosted data centre deployments. Virtualisation is not only about the ability to reduce costs for organisations under constant pressure to do more with less; it is - more importantly - about open standards, the integration of data across multiple systems, the ability to present this data in a consistent format across multiple agencies and – specifically for special events – to scale up or down the user clients on demand. Use of standard web-client technology enables key information to be presented on any mobile device with proper security authorisation, dissolving the physical borders of a control room.

Thorough documentation of all activities and events is a vital task for mission-critical control centres. The DIVOS logging system collects and archives phone and radio communication, while also capturing screens, giving operators and investigators easy access to securely stored information. DIVOS scales from single to distributed logging systems and provides powerful web services for full integration with other mission-critical information systems. As agencies evolve toward IP-based technologies for emergency call taking (NG112/NG911) and broadband radio communications (LTE), Frequentis is leading the way with innovative solutions that dissolve physical borders that currently define a control centre.

Client References

Nødnett – Norway
Improved Coordination and Communication for Norway’s Emergency Medical Services
Oldenburg Joint Regional Control Centre
Communications System of the Zurich Cantonal Police
Bavarian Police: Successful implementation of Frequentis 3020 LifeXTM at the 2015 G7 Summit
Improved response times and resource management for Norway’s fire services

Critical Infrastructure

Safety of personnel and capital goods is a top priority for critical infrastructure companies. Modern security centres are key to achieving this. The core requirements for professional communication at such control centres are immediate problem-solving, fast reaction times and transparent documentation of all processes.

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Fully integrated communication solution

The ever-increasing demands on safety and transparency are posing new challenges for safety centre operators. With its fully integrated communication solutions, Frequentis addresses precisely these challenges in a solution optimised for industrial safety centres based on the ASGARD communication system.

Safety-critical information and communication in a control centre

ASGARD is one of the most advanced voice communication systems for critical infrastructure emergency and fire & rescue services. As a modular, fully software-based concept characterised by its flexibility, it meets even the most complex requirements of small to large industrial fire brigade and rescue control stations. The system’s design offers maximum reliability and availability and enables seamless integration into existing and future infrastructures.

Professional communication management of critical infrastructure entities requires fast action, but also transparent documentation of all processes. ASGARD is a modular, fully software-based communication system developed specifically for this purpose. In addition to providing failure safety, it also offers vast possibilities for integration into existing and future infrastructures (alarm systems, sensors, etc.) thanks to its flexible open design. The extensive requirements of a safety management authority of an industrial company are incorporated into the modern system design. A key feature is the flexible integration of numerous safety management system functions. The system is based on the Asterisk platform and supports all of the typical telephony features of a future-oriented communication solution. It runs entirely on standard hardware on both the server and client side. ASGARD is based on pure IP communication of all voice and signaling information.


Critical Communications World
15.05.2018 - 17.05.2018

Frequentis communication and information solutions leverage more than seventy years of safety-critical communications experience. Cross-industry expertise gained from voice communications solutions developed from different industries set the foundation for supporting multiple customer segments with different requirements. Frequentis is leading the way with innovative solutions that dissolve physical borders that currently define a control centre. The ability to manage emergency situations from any mobile device or location, and integrated controller working position are at the core of these topics.

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