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Frequentis is proud to be supporting international customers to achieve their individual goals. The Press section illustrates just how far the company’s depth of expertise goes, where solutions are in use and how they are making a difference around the world. To learn more about any of these projects click the download button.


SESAR Virtual Centre Executive Day 2019

SESAR Virtual Centre Executive Day at Frequentis: Taking Virtual Centre to the next level

Europe’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) is a highly-fragmented network composed of country-based systems and processes. It is currently not capable of responding flexibly to the increasing complexity of traffic flows and related capacity shortcomings. The European Commission mandated a study on this topic and, in particular, in relation to the current lack of capacity in Europe. The ATM Masterplan and Airspace Architecture Study (AAS) identified the need for more flexibility and a dynamic use of airspace amongst the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), opening the Dynamic Airspace Configuration amongst the European ANSPs with the capability of delegating overloaded airspace to available resources in Europe.

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SESAR-Konferenz bei FREQUENTIS zeigt die Zukunft der Flugsicherung

  • Der „SESAR Virtual Centre Event @ next level – Executive Day” am 16. Oktober holte wichtige Führungspersonen der EU und der europäischen Flugsicherungen nach Wien.
  • Virtuelle Zusammenlegung von Flugverkehrskontrollzentralen bringt umfassende Vorteile in Bezug auf Servicekontinuität und Kosteneffizienz.
  • Frequentis ist seit 2009 Gesellschafter und Partner im europäischen Forschungs­programm SESAR (Single European Air Traffic Management Research) zur Vereinheitlichung des europäischen Luftraums.

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FREQUENTIS and DIMETOR partner for safe Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone flights

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations are key for future commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) use cases, including public safety, industrial inspection and urban air mobility. Frequentis has partnered with mobile network connectivity specialist and start-up, Dimetor, to enable network connectivity for command and control (C2) and payload data links to ensure reliable and consistent data sharing.

The connectivity platform from Dimetor, AirborneRF™, is deployed at the operational data centers of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), processing highly confidential network data for assuring cellular connectivity for UAV operations.  Flight planning tools like Frequentis’ CADAS-ATS and other U-space services can use the constraints in the pre-tactical/tactical phase of a BVLOS drone flight and either approve or reject the proposed flight plan. AirborneRF can also be used to demonstrate network capabilities to airspace regulators and UAV service providers.

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New Beijing mega-airport opens with FREQUENTIS networked voice communication system at its core

Success for Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) as mega-hub, Beijing Daxing International opens in advance of the 70th anniversary of founding the People’s Republic of China. The Frequentis networked voice solution has been successfully installed, integrating voice communication for the entire airport, which will have capacity for over 100 million passengers. The new mega airport will divert air traffic away from the city at the existing Beijing airport, improving logistics and reducing congestion.

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Bild: AFP (STR)

Neuer Mega-Flughafen in Peking mit FREQUENTIS-Kommunikationslösung

  • Frequentis ist seit 2012 mit eigenem Tochterunternehmen in China tätig
  • Integrierte Gesamtlösung für Hauptstadt-Flughafen für mehr als 100 Mio. Passagiere
  • Mit rund 30% Weltmarktanteil ist Frequentis die Nr. 1 am Markt für Sprach- und Datenkommunikation für zivile Flugsicherung

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