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Actionable information management

Beyond digital transformation

For over a decade, Frequentis has been leading digital transformation within the ATM sector. Beyond offering its versatile data management suites, Frequentis actively supports its ATM stakeholders in the transition from paper-based products to data-driven digital publications. This paradigm shift extends to new technological concepts such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to help ATCOs make the right decisions at the right time, especially in the most demanding situations. 

Frequentis is a recognised market leader for information management systems and aeronautical message handling systems. We provide all SWIM-related infrastructure components required for the data-centric, service-oriented, and open-system architectures of the envisaged automated ATM system. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience, Frequentis extends its leadership with a strong focus on next-generation technologies such as digital NOTAM. Our wide experience, connecting almost 50% of the ATM communication centres around the world, combined with our expertise in providing leading-edge ATM communication and information management solutions, makes Frequentis a strong partner for assisting customers with their digital transition.  

Future automation systems will require much more data to be processed than in the past. Frequentis paves the way from service-oriented SWIM architectures towards the big-data technologies required by all stakeholders to prepare for this scenario.  

Frequentis offers systems able to handle the required amount of data and deliver it in an actionable format, so that automation systems can safely identify, interpret, and exchange data and bring it to the attention of the ATCO at the right place and time.  

Products & Solutions

Aeronautical Message Handling System - AIDA-NG

Frequentis is the market leader in the AMHS domain. Designed in close cooperation with leading ANSPs, Frequentis Comsoft’s Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent – Next Generation (AIDA-NG) is a unified message handling switch for AFTN, Common ICAO Data Interchange Network (CIDIN), and AMHS, based on EATM Communication Gateway (ECG) software.

Terminal System for Air Traffic Services - CADAS-ATS

CADAS-ATS is an ATS terminal that provides messaging services and flight planning capabilities for aeronautical offices, airlines and pilots. CADAS-ATS combines AFTN messaging services with the messaging capabilities of X.400/AMHS. It enables AFTN and AMHS to be operated side by side on a single terminal.

ATN Directory Services - CADIR

The European Directory Service (EDS) is intended to provide a centralised management and automated distribution of information in support of ATN applications. CADIR is the flexible solution for implementation of directory services in a managed, distributed environment such as EDS. In support of a wide range of standardised protocols, CADIR integrates perfectly with the global directory service, as well as with local applications.


The goal of SWIM is interoperability on global, regional, and organisational level, being achieved through standardised interfaces and agreed data formats in a service-oriented architecture. We enable our customers to implement System Wide Information Management (SWIM) in line with the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP, ICAO Doc 9750) in a timely and cost-effective manner.

CADAS Solution

We offer the complete information backbone along the digital data chain: from data origination, data handling and data management to a platform for easy sharing of this information. Our solutions comprise modules for long-term information management, publications, short-term information management and workflow management.

AIM Use Cases

With all applications sharing the same data, the integrity and consistency of aeronautical information is dramatically increased while the effort involved in service provision is reduced. The key to the success of AIM is the standardisation of data encoding and presentation, together with standardised interoperable interfaces.

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