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CADAS: information backbone along the digital data chain

CADAS Solution


We offer the complete information backbone along the digital data chain: from data origination, data handling and data management to a platform for easy sharing of this information. Our solutions comprise modules for long-term information management, publications, short-term information management and workflow management.

Through our commitment to SESAR2020 and the ASBU initiative, through working hand-in-hand with ANSPs, ICAO, EUROCONTROL and additional industrial partners we keep our solutions on the leading edge of technology and in line with what the market needs.

CADAS products

  • Data Management, Digital Data Sets and Digital NOTAM: CADAS-AIMDB
  • Electronic AIP: CADAS-AIP
  • Charting: CADAS-Charting
  • FPL, NOTAM and Briefing Tools: CADAS-IMS, CADAS-ATS
  • Workflow Management: CADAS-WFM

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