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Accelerated drone management

Safe & compliant orchestration of new airspace users

The ability to manage crewed and uncrewed traffic in a shared airspace is becoming increasingly complex. It’s an important issue to resolve: granting fair access to all users is essential in a unified airspace. Services based on an ATM-grade and SWIM-compliant backend are the principal elements of the Frequentis UTM solution. These services will be used by new and existing airspace users, enabling them to request flight approvals.  

It is critical that a UTM system can manage different needs, safeguarding the airspace, avoiding potential conflicts, and guaranteeing seamless information exchange between all relevant stakeholders. Frequentis provides the required technologies, services, processes, and procedures aggregated into a seamless UTM portfolio that will significantly advance operational performance and capabilities. Scalability is key for future business cases; the Frequentis UTM portfolio enables future growth. 

We have the expertise to support any mission, in any domain, at all times. 

Products & Solutions

UTM Suite

Frequentis is a recognised pioneer in envisaging a harmonised framework for both ATM and uncrewed traffic management (UTM). In light of our unique position as an active member of industry working groups and standard-setting organisations, we have led the way in closing the gap between the well-established technologies and working practices of ATM and those that are emerging to support UTM.

Counter-UAS Incident Management

Presenting risks such as accidental collisions, espionage, smuggling or even terror attacks, drones could be hazardous to critical infrastructure, including airports, and to law enforcement and defence organisations.


The PRISMA product family offers a full range of ATM modules designed to support the most varied use-case scenarios, ranging from standalone solutions to integrated surveillance and flight plan data processing systems. PRISMA’s fully expandable and modular architecture enables the continuous addition of functionality, supporting a buy-as-you-grow approach. Based on our extensive experience in advanced air traffic automation systems, PRISMA can be easily integrated with 3rd-party components.


Since 2008, TowerPad has been in active service at several major airports, providing artificial intelligence to support advanced user-centric automation services for air traffic controllers. The product has been proven to reduce costs for airlines, airports and ANSPs. It also improves safety and reduces taxi times, and consequently the environmental impact of airport traffic.


Automated drone dispatching at ÖBB
Accelerated Drone Management overview - Roman Stickler

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