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Unified aeronautical communications

Beyond voice

Frequentis is the market-leading manufacturer of ATC communication systems, with more than twenty-five thousand positions installed around the globe. With the X10 VCS, Frequentis paves the way to seamless and harmonised communications between controllers and pilots, regardless of technological boundaries. 


Frequentis integrates verbal and non-verbal communication in one unified solution, which can be directly operated from the automation screen. The communications technology is designed to work on any underlying communication and network technology, from classical VHF up to satellite broadband links or future communication infrastructure (FCI). It even supports indirect communications such as follow-the-greens.

We deliver unrivalled usability by combining the X10 communication system with automation systems such as PRISMA or TowerPad and additional applications such as speech recognition or network monitoring. The basis of the integration is the common underlying MosaiX platform.

The integration of the ATM and communication systems maximises the ease-of-use for air traffic controllers and reduces the risk of human errors.

Products & Solutions

X10 Voice Communication Solution

X10 is Frequentis’ innovative voice communication solution based on a state-of-the-art service-oriented architecture, facilitating the transition of pure ATM-based voice communications to Unified Aeronautical Communications. Operating on the Frequentis MosaiX platform, it can easily be integrated with other technologies from the Frequentis portfolio to deliver strong operational benefits.


The PRISMA product family offers a full range of ATM modules designed to support the most varied use-case scenarios, ranging from standalone solutions to integrated surveillance and flight plan data processing systems. PRISMA’s fully expandable and modular architecture enables the continuous addition of functionality, supporting a buy-as-you-grow approach. Based on our extensive experience in advanced air traffic automation systems, PRISMA can be easily integrated with 3rd-party components.


Since 2008, TowerPad has been in active service at several major airports, providing artificial intelligence to support advanced user-centric automation services for air traffic controllers. The product has been proven to reduce costs for airlines, airports and ANSPs. It also improves safety and reduces taxi times, and consequently the environmental impact of airport traffic.

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