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Aeronautical Message Handling System - AIDA-NG

Aeronautical Message Handling System - AIDA-NG

Frequentis is the market leader in the AMHS domain. Designed in close cooperation with leading ANSPs, Frequentis Comsoft’s Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent – Next Generation (AIDA-NG) is a unified message handling switch for AFTN, Common ICAO Data Interchange Network (CIDIN), and AMHS, based on EATM Communication Gateway (ECG) software.

The solution offers extensive flow control mechanisms to help ensure that high message loads do not affect response times for operator working positions. AIDA-NG is the only AFTN/AMHS implementation on the market that provides fully integrated and uniform message handling facilities, such as efficient queue handling and tracing for all connected networks.


AIDA-NG at a glance

  • Open and fault-tolerant architecture
  • Proven interoperability and standard conformance with AFTN/CIDIN and AMHS
  • Support of the Basic and Extended ATSMHS in conformance with ICAO Doc 9880
  • Multi-site configuration management
  • Available AMQP and SOAP interface as foundation for integration with SWIM
  • Excellent performance and throughput capacity service

Key features

Routing & message handling

Standard table-based routing functions are accomplished through the ability to copy, divert and pause messages. Pending messages in outgoing queues can be monitored online (per circuit), accessed directly and re-routed or redirected to other destinations, blocked and removed.

Best performance

AIDA-NG systems have been tested and approved to switch a permanent load of more than 900 messages per second. High message loads do not affect the exceptional response time of the operator working positions. Overload situations are prevented by extensive flow control mechanisms.

Disaster recovery

The smooth switchover from one site to another makes contingency management very swift and simple. Switching over the operational services can be performed within minutes. System maintainability A redundant central server for configuration and software deployment allows exchange of a failed server in approx. 15 minutes without service interruption. No manual installation required.

Ready for EDS

AIDA-NG provides access to the European Directory Service (EDS) using a fully compliant directory user agent (DUA).


Outstanding performance

With over two decades of experience and continued development, AIDA-NG reached an unparalleled maturity and stability offering best-in-class performance with permanent load of over 900 messages per second. The system can hold more than 250,000 messages in a dedicated queue, the pending message list. Message switching performance and system access is not degraded under this load. Full protection against overload by several flow control mechanisms, in the communication protocols and the system itself guarantee an unparalleled degree of reliability.

Harmonised supervision

A harmonised supervision and message handling is possible thanks to the unified HMI which allows operators to supervise the system and handle all messages with the same operating philosophy for all components, irrespective of the message type (AFTN, CIDIN, AMHS). This also allows incoming AFTN messages to be retrieved and related outgoing AMHS messages to be traced, and vice versa.

Transition to SWIM

With its easy to use AMQP and SOAP interface AIDA-NG is the ideal platform for implementation of a SWIM/AMHS gateway.

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