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SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Although the commercial use of cloud infrastructure is already widely accepted and Frequentis has provided cloud-based services for some time, Frequentis is only just beginning to see the emergence of this technology in its customers' security-critical environments. There are technical reasons for this as well as regulatory requirements, safety-relevant requirements and last but not least a reasonably wary attitude among customers towards this relatively new technology.

Nevertheless, Frequentis is seeing the reversal of this trend across most domains as more and more requests for cloud services and the associated SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) are submitted. In this context, SaaS implies that Frequentis not only takes over the management of the virtual infrastructure provided by a cloud service provider, but also the management of the higher-level platform layer (e.g. operating system, databases and virtualisation) as well as the technical operation of the application layer (e.g. Frequentis software products).

Frequentis has provided cloud-based customer services for several years now, enabling customers to actively use cloud solutions by spreading Frequentis' know-how as part of its SaaS offerings.

Frequentis offers this service regardless of whether the cloud computing provider is Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or a private cloud - this is a customer choice, depending on their operational requirements. Based on its experience, Frequentis has developed security guidelines which are used in any cloud-based installation to allow secure operation of any cloud service.

As part of our Software-as-a-Service model, Frequentis manages infrastructure provided by a cloud computing provider, provides technical operation of all basic software as required (i.e. operating system, middleware, database) as well as the Frequentis application software in the cloud. Because of the specific domain requirements, cloud services for critical infrastructure are typically offered in “simple multi-tenancy” mode, meaning each customer has their own resources segregated from other users, allowing proper integration of non-cloud components. However, Frequentis applications not requiring such segregation are offered in a multi-tenancy mode to ensure best value for money.

Typical tasks performed by Frequentis include:

  • Configuration, orchestration and administration of the cloud infrastructure
  • On-call operational support (24/7)
  • 2nd and 3rd Level remote Incident Management and Problem Management
  • Configuration management by means of keeping the CMDB up to date
  • Patch Management
  • Running docker containers in a lightweight virtualised environment
  • Running virtual machines on demand with complete control over cloud computing resources
  • Controlling and maintaining access controls and permissions
  • Management of the cloud computing provider
  • Provision of Cloud Security
  • Dynamic scaling of the cloud computing resources

Further information & contact

For more details please find here our Frequentis Service Catalogue available for you to download.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly!

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