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Technical Support & Managed Services

Frequentis understands that customers have different operational support demands with respect to their support organisations. As software-defined solutions require a significant breadth of support knowledge, the primary challenge for customers is to successfully maintain an organisation of appropriately trained people as well as the processes and organisational structure to support their critical systems on a 24x7 basis.

Technical operation of our customers’ systems typically comprises three support levels supplemented by vendor support (product maintenance). However, including Frequentis' technical operation support is not an all-or-nothing decision.

A customer who decides to conduct technical operations using his own resources can contract Frequentis for valuable additional technical support provided by experts in the relevant product environment. Frequentis provides a single point of contact for the customer to report incidents, problems and service requests via several contact channels such as email, telephone and ticketing tool.

Customers who prefer technical operations carried out by Frequentis’ experienced industry specialists can take advantage of Frequentis’ reliable managed service packages, which allow for full managed service scenarios as well as operational support in certain levels only. One big benefit of Frequentis' managed services is the flexibility in allowing small to large-sized customers decide on the scale of tasks and responsibilities they want to delegate to Frequentis and to gradually integrate their own support capabilities based on a reasonable separation of duties and responsibilities. This ensures that interfaces and demarcations are clearly defined, and the core-competences and strength of both parties are utilised.

Frequentis generally aims to complement an existing technical operation organisation with product-specific expert know-how rather than taking over a customer's entire technical operations. In this sense, the managed services focus on certain elements of an entire technical operation, empowering the customer to retain control and sovereignty as well as providing exceptional visibility into the activities carried out by Frequentis.

For the ease of understanding, the Frequentis managed service approach is divided into the following three modules:

  • Service Delivery Management
    Service Management is a core discipline through which the orchestration and execution of the agreed Support Services are assured. Frequentis employs a large number of experienced and well-educated Service Managers distributed throughout the world and speaking multiple languages.
  • Technical Operations
    Frequentis has the capabilities and experience in providing technical support services from Level 2 onwards, with the aim of defining with the customer the most logical separation of activities and responsibilities to ensure that all demarcations are clearly specified, and the core competences and strength of both parties are utilised.
  • Technical Maintenance
    Typical systems consist of an application layer on top of a platform layer. Both layers, in turn, consist of Frequentis and third-party COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) components whereby the shift towards standard IT technology creates business benefits for the customer but in return implies increased complexity, creating challenging requirements for its operation. By combining the principle of standardisation with high flexibility in providing tailored solutions and services, Frequentis aims to provide suitable Technical Maintenance Service (TMS) for components of the system under service to promote stability and reliability in each customer’s system.

Further information & contact

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