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Arrival Manager (AMAN)

The Frequentis Arrival Manager (AMAN) helps air traffic controllers efficiently manage incoming flights to make the best use of available runway and airspace capacities. AMAN provides decision-support for all controllers managing arrival traffic and, if required, in a multi-runway configuration and multi-airport environment. The AMAN allows air traffic controllers to meter traffic into a busy Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA), thereby improving delay prediction and reducing the need for stack holding.

By extending the AMAN horizon, en-route controllers can instruct pilots to adjust their speed before their top-of-descent, thus further reducing inefficient flight profiles and holdings. In 2014, Frequentis Orthogon operationally deployed the world’s first Extended AMAN at NATS in line with the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) and the SESAR ATM Concept of Operations. The Extended AMAN for Heathrow spans across multiple national borders leveraging System-Wide Information Management (SWIM).

The AMAN has saved more than one million tons of CO2 emissions globally within its 20 years of operations. The AMAN was first deployed in Zurich in 2001 and now supports controllers at airports around the globe in managing aircraft arrivals efficiently while also offering sustainability and environmental benefits. Airports where it is operational also include Hong Kong, Istanbul IGA, Oslo, Singapore and Toronto. In 2021, Frequentis won the CANSO Maverick Sustainability Award for its contribution to sustainable aviation.

The Orthogon Arrival Manager software meets all technical and operational requirements as well as the Safety Management and Quality Assurance objectives. Avinor judged the Orthogon AMAN the most user-friendly and the most mature arrival management software on the market.” – Kristian Pjaaten, Project Team Manager at Avinor


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