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About Frequentis Defense, Inc.

The global threat landscape is constantly evolving. Innovative technological capabilities and closer collaboration among joint and coalition forces are increasingly important mission-success factors in military and humanitarian contexts. Central to our philosophy and the design of our product portfolio is the universal value Frequentis places on safeguarding human lives and defending the freedoms so essential to prosperity.

For over seven decades, Defense products and services of Frequentis globally, have provided military organizations around the world with mission-critical communication, information and surveillance solutions. Our solutions provide a fully redundant, highly available communications framework to support military services in assuring combat readiness throughout the preparation and execution of operations. Additionally, Frequentis Defense, Inc., headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, offers the US Department of Defense (DoD) a broad portfolio of mission-critical products and capabilities. Secure, inter-service collaboration and shared situational awareness increase the accuracy and reliability of information, enabling improved, intelligent decision making. This supports rapid and precise responses in critical situations.

The Symposium is an ideal forum to showcase air traffic control to the US Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army and helps reinforce the Joints Service professional excellence in the ATC community. It allows senior military and civilian professionals to enlighten, inspire, and educate junior and senior military air traffic controllers on ATC’s latest technological advances, operational enhancements, and policy changes. 

Secure Communications

Executing warfighting operations, managing and protecting homeland security, engaging in humanitarian missions and responding to natural disasters demand innovative technologies to provide greater efficiencies when collaborating with mission partners across multiple domains.


Situational Awareness

Both global and local situational awareness are critical elements in effective functioning and intelligent rapid response. Local information is required for efficient actions to meet immediate tactical needs. Global information is required for coordinated operations with other US Defense units, coalition forces and civilian services to meet strategic goals.



Rethinking traditional Air Traffic Control: Frequentis Defense, Inc. delivers the newest digital tower intelligent transport technologies to modernize air traffic control. The Digital Tower is innovative technology driven by a world of increased automation, evolving network protocols, integration between traditional legacy platforms and enhanced new capabilities, and increased need for greater and more collaborative situational awareness.


Military Air Traffic Control

Defense organizations face the challenges of modernizing critical voice communications systems (VCS). Frequentis is an industry leader providing VCS to 40% of today’s global market. Modernizing and implementing innovative technologies and enhanced capabilities ensures dependable mission execution with long-term lifecycle management in mind. Our core offering, under continuous improvement since 1948, is a wide range of Air Traffic Control (ATC) communication and automation solutions.



Alongside communications and navigation, surveillance is at the heart of air traffic management. The aim of all surveillance infrastructure is the provision of safe, efficient and cost-effective air navigation services. Optimized surveillance infrastructure allows routes to be brought closer together, resulting in increased capacity.



Integrated incident management tools provide a complete view of all communication, navigation and surveillance sources. Focusing on fast and efficient investigation, the DIVOS Air Traffic Control (ATC) recorder solution helps Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) improve safety by providing an intuitive view of what has happened on every screen, audio and surveillance source in the control center. Features such as concurrent playback and export options improve incident analysis, leading to better conclusions and safety recommendations.



Frequentis' range of professional services for safety-critical environments include a variety of offerings to meet the specific needs of the US Department of Defense (DoD). These offerings range across the board from Consulting through Engineering and Design to Customized User Training.


Foreign Military Sales

Frequentis Defense, Inc. is committed to strengthening allies and partners worldwide to meet their sovereign defense requirements and improve their ability to operate with US forces and address shared security challenges.



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