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Surveillance for Air Traffic Control USA

Alongside communications and navigation, surveillance is at the heart of air traffic management. The aim of all surveillance infrastructure is the provision of safe, efficient and cost-effective air navigation services. Optimized surveillance infrastructure allows routes to be brought closer together, resulting in increased capacity.

Frequentis benefits from a long history of experience in the supply of innovative surveillance solutions. Our product portfolio includes ADS-B sensors, multilateration systems, surveillance data distribution and processing systems, and surveillance displays.



Our superior Quadrant ADS-B sensor is a lightweight and cost-efficient addition to conventional radars, allowing surveillance infrastructures to be augmented without costly technological investments. ADS-B and Multilateration (MLAT) have become well-established modern surveillance data sources, as coverage extension systems, as gap fillers or even as alternatives to Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) systems. Quadrant is a forward-thinking surveillance solution able to provide ADS-B and MLAT on a single hardware platform by using advanced algorithms to provide independent, genuine 3D position measurement using MLAT techniques. A single sensor allows surveillance coverage to be extended to areas where surveillance was previously unavailable. Adding additional sensors can inexpensively extend coverage further until overlapping surveillance allows the option to move to MLAT.


In ATC, the need to integrate an increasing number of surveillance systems is well-known. Due to changing technologies and additional users of surveillance data, the vital stability of surveillance distribution environments is at risk. The Frequentis Next-Generation Surveillance Data Distribution (SDDS-NG) is a state-of-the-art solution for the easy and safe interconnection of any systems that handle surveillance data. SDDS-NG is a scalable solution, supporting all current and future surveillance distribution needs by providing a single access point for surveillance data.


For over a decade, Frequentis USA has provided one of the most advanced and successful surveillance data processing systems worldwide. The surveillance processing system integrates all surveillance data sources and establishes a coherent and accurate air situation picture for downstream systems.


The safe and efficient management of flights around airfields and en-route is dependent on a real-time air traffic picture. Frequentis Air Surveillance Display (ASD) is a high-performance, flexible and configurable interface providing seamless air/ground awareness for air traffic controllers and aerodrome flight information service officers. ASD consists of the main traffic window, enabling the controllers to stay focused on the traffic in the assigned area. Additional support sub-windows provide the right information at the right time, and the optimized design of the user interface further reduces the workload. The solution is designed by controllers for controllers, and driven by Air Traffic Control (ATC) operational experts.


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Frequentis USA directly:

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