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Military Air Traffic Control USA

Defense organizations face the considerable challenges of modernizing critical voice communications systems (VCS). Partnering with a solid, experienced and proven leader to make the journey to next-generation platforms and capabilities is critical to a successful transition. Frequentis Defense, Inc. is a true industry leader, providing voice communication systems (VCS) to 40% of today’s global market. Modernizing and implementing innovative technologies and enhanced capabilities ensures dependable mission execution with long-term lifecycle management in mind. Our core offering, under continuous improvement since 1948, is a wide range of Air Traffic Control (ATC) communication and automation solutions.

The Frequentis VCS system is the only commercially available solution of its kind in full production and compliant with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) information systems and security standards. This FAA-compliant VCS offers a robust FAA-specified feature set and certified interface requirements to operate in the National Air Space (NAS).

Our VCS architecture provides today’s controllers with enhanced reliability, safety and security, thanks to the system’s unique “no single point of failure” architecture. This features a fully duplicated, parallel running core, with all critical system components being fully redundant, thus ensuring essentially zero downtime for vital communications and capabilities.

Additionally, Frequentis systems offer the latest IP-capable hardware platform. Unrivalled scalability and redundancy are offered without compromising established quality of service and safety levels.


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Frequentis has deployed over 190 (plus) VCS in FAA and DoD locations, with 2,000+ controller working positions. The Frequentis VCS sets the standard for the US Army, training helicopter pilots at all fixed-wing installations in both CONUS and OCONUS locations. The FAA and the DoD have been replacing obsolete RDVS, ETVS, SDVS and STVS systems with the Frequentis VCS as their system of choice for two decades.


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