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Innovation and Data and Cloud Services


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings are growing in popularity as organisations enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of eliminating on-premises infrastructure. Frequentis is helping safety-critical industries access these benefits with tailored offerings from a provider that understands the unique demands of such environments.

data and cloud services


For example, we appreciate that zero tolerance for service interruptions really means zero tolerance, and retain the technical skills to deliver zero-downtime system migrations.

Predicting the appetite for cloud from our customers, Frequentis offers flexibility around where to deploy all our solutions – whether on-premises, in a hosted datacentre, or in the public cloud. We design our systems to be hardware-agnostic, so you can choose the cloud provider of your choice.

Our data and cloud services offer non-stop availability, comply with regulatory requirements, and enable greater efficiency. We provide a clear overview of project costs and timelines for the development and delivery of services. To align with the increasingly dynamic environments of our customers, we provide services that can evolve with your organisation, enabling you to start small and scale up your service offering as required.

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