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Software Safety Assurance

At Frequentis, we develop software for safety-related environments. Therefore, our software and its development process need to meet various rigorous safety standards, depending on the domain and application. This means that our development process must clearly define the necessary artefacts, as well as all verification and validation activities.

Traceability of all items from requirements to design, down to the source code and test cases, is performed with the help of an integrated toolset. This development process has been continuously subject to several rigorous audits by customers as well as regulatory authorities.

In the case of software development for ATM systems, a frequent and typical requirement is compliance to a certain assurance level in ED-109A/DO-278A or ED-153. In the railway domain, a typical requirement may be adherence to EN 50128. Software safety assurance in products and projects is concluded with the provision of a software safety assurance report.

Software Safety Assurance

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