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SESAR Research

Sesar Research


SESAR – participating in one of the biggest global technology ATM programmes

By the end of 2016, SESAR 1 delivered more than 60 technological and operational solutions, thus contributing to an enhanced European ATM infrastructure. As a Member of the SJU, Frequentis actively participated in more than 30 projects. Important achievements of SESAR 1 include prototype work for remote tower, iCWP evaluation and demonstrations, data models for AIM, MET and Airport, and a significant development in the field of D-NOTAM.

The goal towards a Single European Sky is now further pursued within the programme SESAR 2020. Together with the Hungarian ANSP, HungaroControl, and the French IT service provider, Atos, Frequentis works on a total of 14 solutions as part of the consortium "Frequentis SESAR Partners (FSP)". The FSP consortium sets to enhance cross-industry innovation through integrating different stakeholders in the ATM value chain. In partnership and cooperation with the many other SESAR 2020 members we address the following key topics: remote virtual towers, virtual centres, voice and data communications including SWIM, future communications infrastructure (FCI), information management and U-Space.

We see major trends in the areas of improved automation, new algorithms, virtualisation of ATC services as well as improving regional and global interoperability. The FSP consortium’s key development targets comprise:

  • In towers and airports, the team creates the next generation Tower HMI, featuring a future surveillance and flight information display (post-EFS) and advanced safety-nets. The commitment to research in remote towers continues by leading the evolution to multi-remote tower capabilities. In addition, there is work being conducted to improve visual surveillance and adding alternative, visual, surveillance solutions.
  • Virtual centre operation is another big work activity: By shaping the operational concept definition for virtual centres a common, harmonised understanding of the concept of operations is ensured. The common data centre services and the provision of voice services through a common services model are essential enablers to make the virtual centre a reality. With a virtual centre operation, all of the tower and centre platforms will be embracing an independent working position concept and are integrated and interconnected using SWIM and SOA principles, especially the integration of voice and communication services is something very innovative here.
  • In the field of voice and data communication, Frequentis is working on the implementation of geographically independent voice communications, the terrestrial air/ground (A/G) datalink as part of the future communication infrastructure (FCI) as well as ATM-grade networking. Aeronautical data and mapping services will support 4D trajectory management, SWIM will evolve further to cover A/G functionality and the improved integration of military stakeholders as well as the evolution of SWIM data, information and service models.
  • U-Space

Above all, Frequentis pursues a joint approach to various validations with consortium and SESAR partners.

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