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FREQUENTIS 2021: Great performance, successful acquisitions

  • Revenues up 11.4% year-on-year to EUR 333.5 million; EBIT rose to EUR 29.0 million
  • Order intake rose 5.9% to EUR 333.2 million; orders on hand rose 9.4% to EUR 467.9 million
  • Product portfolio broadened by acquisitions in Australia, Germany and Canada
  • Proposal to increase the dividend by one third to EUR 0.20 per share

As the leading global provider of information and communication solutions for safety-critical applications, Frequentis navigated the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic well thanks to its consistently resilient business model. Frequentis’ products are part of the safety-critical infrastructure or, in other words, the essential national infrastructure. This infrastructure must always be available and ready for operation – irrespective of the number of flights or how often the police, fire service, and emergency rescue services are deployed. Consequently, there is continued demand for Frequentis’ solutions.

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