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Legal Recording & Replay

The DIVOS recording solution is a robust recording system that is fully integrated with the Frequentis voice communication portfolio. 
It supports: 

  • Recording of radio and telephone calls and operator screens.
  • Synchronous playback of incident-related recordings.

Recording that keeps you protected and compliant

Safety-critical industries have strict legal requirements and regulations. We follow the latest industry regulations and directives. In ATC, for example, DIVOS supports compliance with:

  • CAP 670 standards
  • ICAO standards
  • EUROCAE ED-111
  • EUROCAE ED-137B / C


DIVOS provides browser-based clients for investigations and full desktop clients for real-time monitoring of radio channels and synchronous playback of recorded voice and video streams. The DIVOS clients support:

  • Synchronous replay and visualisation of multiple voice and video streams
  • Display of recorded ED-137 events in time-line view
  • Searches for recordings of interest using powerful search criteria and filter
  • Access to a network of recordings systems via a single client
  • Remote playback of voice at VCS consoles
  • Remote playback of video streams on remote displays e.g. video walls

Secure and reliable storage

DIVOS supports the secure and reliable storage of recordings in local RAID-controlled storage and in data centres. In case incident-related recordings need to be maintained for longer than the defined system retention time, archives of relevant recordings can be created.

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