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Safety Engineer and Safety Manager of the Year: FREQUENTIS Gabriele Schedl and Werner Winkelbauer receive important international system safety accolades for 2022

The International System Safety Society (ISSS) annually recognises the outstanding efforts by system safety professionals and is this year presenting two Frequentis members with prestigious awards for their contributions. Gabriele Schedl is recognised as Safety Manager of the Year while Werner Winkelbauer has been awarded Safety Engineer of the Year.

Werner Winkelbauer has been a system safety engineer with Frequentis since 2001 and this is the first time Frequentis has been awarded in this category. For Gabriele Schedl this is the second time she is receiving the Manager of the Year award, being previously recognised in 2014. Gabriele is Head of the Frequentis safety management competence centre, founded in 1995, since 1999, Werner is her deputy.


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