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Record every Maritime Communication

Each communication between a vessel and a control centre should be recorded – for both legal and operational reasons. To ensure that no interaction is missed, choose the DIVOS recording solution, purpose-built for maritime use. Store documentation securely and empower authorised investigators to find and analyse information with ease. Use the insights enabled by DIVOS to improve operational processes and prevent incidents.


  • Simple to deploy: Implement DIVOS on-premises or in the cloud, as an appliance or a cloud-based application. Choose between CAPEX or OPEX pricing to align with your strategic aims. Integrate seamlessly with Frequentis MCS 3020 IP and transceivers from leading suppliers.
  • Straightforward to operate: Put lossless recording of operator displays at investigators’ fingertips, with an intuitive, workflow-based interface. Enable access through a standard browser, eliminating the requirement for a purpose-built playback station.
  • Secured from end-to-end: Guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of all recorded information throughout its lifecycle from logging, through storage, user access and export, to deletion. Benefit from compliance with ED-137 interoperability standards.
  • Wide-ranging: Capture and drive value from every communication with highly available technology that provides synchronous playback of recorded voices and screens. Protect incident-related recordings to equip investigators with everything they need and safeguard users with a comprehensive audit trail of all activity.
  • Highly adaptable: Join a diverse set of clients that have deployed DIVOS at various scales: from small harbours to coastal control centres, from standalone appliances to networks of distributed recording systems.


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