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Air Traffic Management

Digital. Sustainable. Safe.

Welcome to Frequentis OneATM, the leading open and integrated ecosystem for air traffic management (ATM) solutions. We provide a comprehensive set of market-leading products that cover all ATM operational needs, both today and in the future. Our holistic approach to ATM combines multiple technologies to simplify operations, drive performance, and guarantee safety and continuity. With over 75 years of experience in safety-critical environments and installations of more than ten thousand positions around the globe, Frequentis is a proven and trusted partner in providing safety-relevant systems.

Simplicity, openness and performance are the foundations on which OneATM is built.

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We invite you to explore our comprehensive range of solutions and learn how we can help you create a digital, sustainable, and safe airspace. At Frequentis OneATM, we believe in leveraging the power of integration to help you reach new heights in air traffic management.


Focus areas

Frequentis OneATM's focus areas represent the various solutions made possible by the integration of Frequentis' market-leading products into a single ecosystem. These focus areas showcase the power of integration to simplify operations, drive performance, and guarantee safety and continuity in air traffic management. From safe and compliant orchestration of new airspace users to the transition towards service-based ATM, the OneATM focus areas provide a glimpse into the future of ATM solutions.


Focus areas


Products & technologies

Our portfolio of market-leading products is designed to provide comprehensive solutions for the aviation industry. From automation to tower systems, voice communication to traffic optimisation, information management to surveillance, networks to UTM and recording, we offer a broad range of solutions that cater to all ATM operational needs. Explore our products and discover how our integrated solutions can help you create a safer, more efficient, and sustainable airspace.


Products & technologies


Customer stories

At Frequentis, we take great pride in providing reliable and innovative solutions to our customers in the aviation industry. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of leading aviation authorities, airlines, and airports around the world. Whether you are looking for inspiration or practical examples of how our solutions can improve your operations, we invite you to explore our references and discover the potential of Frequentis OneATM.

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Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey
FREQUENTIS X10 prepares Luxembourg Airport for future-ready voice communications
Drone leaving drone hangar beside rail tracks

European premiere: drone garages to save on thousands of minutes of delay in future

From now on drone garages will be distributed along the ÖBB’s rail network to provide valuable support: as the first infrastructure company in Europe, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG has obtained the authorisation to use drones that can be operated also without direct visual contact with the pilots. In close cooperation with Frequentis and supported by Austro Control, this innovative project was realised. Instead of sending employees on foot into hazardous, impassable terrain or snow-covered slopes, drones will be sent off from a nearby drone garage. They will fly the defined route and send real-time images showing the line’s condition, meaning necessary decisions regarding the next steps can be made immediately. Depending on the case, the use of drones will result in a huge amount of time saved, therefore minimising line closures. Passengers and railway companies can adapt more quickly to the new situation thanks to this rapid development of information.

“Hangar-based drone flights are the technological answer to the strongly growing drone ecosystem. Frequentis has developed a highly automated solution that can be fully integrated into control centres and working positions of big infrastructure companies, as well as being easy to use for our clients’ employees,” says Norbert Haslacher, CEO Frequentis. “We are proud to carry out this pioneering work together with ÖBB and to have helped facilitate the first authorisation of this kind in Europe for our partner.”

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