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Integrated Arrival Departure Manager (IAD) header picture, showing a woman operating

Integrated Arrival Departure Manager (IAD)

Frequentis has great experience in implementing Arrival and Departure Management (AMAN / DMAN) solutions globally. Our installations deliver benefits to users operating the most complex, challenging and busy environments. We lead the way with innovative “World’s Firsts” such as the Integrated AMAN / DMAN (IAD) for Singapore Changi Airport.

IAD increases capacity, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and the ability to predict future traffic load. An IAD system is one in which both AMAN and DMAN are integrated to enhance the decision-making process for air traffic controllers. This in turn improves air traffic management, helps to maximise runway throughput, enables fuel savings and reduces the carbon footprint.

Optimising runway usage at high-demand, capacity-constrained airports can be difficult, especially for mixed-mode operations where airports have only one runway for both arrivals and departures. The implementation of IAD contributes to the optimisation of mixed-mode or dependent runway operations as the automated sequencing solution is able to take into consideration both arrival and departure flight information.

With IAD, controllers have more accurate predictability of flights. ATS units can rely on the same situational display for traffic planning, which results in reduced holding on the ground and reduced arrival delays in cases where the departure runway is made available for landing. Hence, the system allows for more flexibility in mixed-mode operations by identifying gaps in the arrival sequence that can be utilised for additional departures. Consequently, situational awareness is improved for Tower and Approach, allowing them to improve planning while accomplishing their performance goals.


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