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Whistleblowing Page, showing a person for legal issues


Frequentis stands for an open and honest corporate culture and high standards of integrity.
Throughout the Group, we give high priority to observing ethical standards of respect and security.

If, despite all our efforts, you should become aware of any irregularities, please get in touch with your contact in our organisation (e.g. your key account manager or an executive).

If you do not feel able to report your concerns openly, we offer you a whistleblowing service so you can report any concerns or suspicion of serious misconduct anonymously.

You can find details at: []

To protect your anonymity, please follow these rules:

  • If possible, do not submit your report from a computer operated by your employer.
  • Do not use a computer connected to the company's corporate network/intranet.
  • Call up the whistleblowing system by copying the URL [], opening a new browser-window in private mode and entering the URL directly in your browser, without clicking on a link.
  • Do not include any personal data in the report.



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