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Press Releases

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Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Movers from FREQUENTIS help keep the Olten dispatching centre on track.

The simplest way of moving an operational communication system (OCS) is to deactivate it at location A and activate it again in location B. But what if railway operations in half of Switzerland depend on the system? In line with its focus on safe and reliable service for passengers, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) followed another path: during the OCS’s move, it had to continue to operate faultlessly and as redundantly as possible.

This is exactly what SBB wanted from Frequentis for the move of Olten’s ground switching centre OCS to the new dispatching centre for central Switzerland (BZ Mitte), one of four strategic nodes for the daily supervision of some 8,150 passenger and 1,850 freight trains on Swiss rails. The redundant system from Frequentis and careful planning combined with great flexibility and close collaboration enabled trouble-free migration during live operation.