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Kazakhstan enhances safety-critical communication and data exchange with FREQUENTIS vitalsphere™ network solution

Frequentis modernises Kazakhstan’s ATM-grade communication network within the Almaty flight information region (FIR)

Frequentis VCX-IP network solution has been successfully installed in Kazakhstan, allowing the exchange of safety-critical communication and data to advance Almaty FIR to the next level. The project to modernise the country’s safety-critical air traffic management (ATM) communication network, ensures a smooth and safe migration towards IP technology.

ATM-grade network components such as the VCX-IP build the foundation for resilient air traffic management. The Frequentis network solution enables the exchange of air/ground (A/G) and ground/ground (G/G) radar data over an IP backbone and has successfully demonstrated the suitability and benefits of the solution in dedicated on-site sessions.

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