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"Donate instead of throwing away" – in line with this motto, Frequentis AG donated hardware it no longer required to the non-profit organisation “PCs for all” in 2023, as in the previous year. The laptops, PCs, printers, and headsets will be used for children who do not have access to appropriate equipment at school or for home schooling. They receive a fully functional device free of charge, making it easier for them to do their schoolwork, access information, and keep in touch with their family and friends.

Frequentis Comsoft in Karlsruhe, Germany, also donated hardware that was no longer needed to the German welfare organisation Arbeiterwohlfahrt e.V. (AWO) in 2023. Comsoft donated 50 laptops plus docking stations, monitors, keyboards, and PC mice. The equipment will be used in childcare facilities and for youth work. In this way, Frequentis is making a contribution to  sustainability and to the IT infrastructure of such organisations.

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