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Drei partners with Dimetor to enable advanced UAV services, first virtual test with FREQUENTIS

Drei, the leading 5G network service provider in Austria, and Dimetor have partnered to enable the safe operation of drones in the airspace. A first virtual test was done together with market leader of airspace management software Frequentis and other consortium members of the SESAR JU GOF 2.0 project this week in Austria.

“In the GOF2.0 project, Frequentis, together with 14 partners, wants to demonstrate the operational validity of combining Air Traffic Management and U-space services and systems and create a shared interoperable infrastructure for both manned and unmanned aviation, especially in dense urban environments. The provision of timely, relevant, and accurate digital information to all airspace users on a system-wide basis will enable safe and secure management of unified airspace”, explains Günter Graf, Vice President New Business Development at Frequentis. “On 5 October we were able to successfully demonstrate the first live end-to-end telecom-aviation data integration in Austria, together with the Austrian mobile network operator Drei and Dimetor, in the context of a simulated trial of the GOF 2.0 project.”

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