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Brazil implements South Americas first remote air traffic control tower with FREQUENTIS

Remote Tower Brazil

On October 18th Brazil successfully installed the Frequentis smartVISION solution at Santa Cruz airbase in order to enhance the way air traffic is monitored and managed. The project carried out by Brazilian Airspace Control Department – DECEA, via the Commission for Implementation of the Brazilian Air Space Control System – CISCEA, was completed in 6 months and is the first of its kind in South America to provide actual remote air traffic control services using digital tower technology.

The solution is made up of high resolution 360° panorama view and high-performance Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras located around the airbase. Data from the cameras are fed back to a video wall in the remote tower facility, built especially to house the smartVISION system, and is equipped with two integrated controller working positions.

To watch the video in Portuguese click here

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