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Arriva Rail London observes one year of FREQUENTIS railway event management

Arriva Rail London (ARL) has been using the Frequentis Rail Event Management (REM) system to support critical decision making in the event of an incident or service disruption.

The Frequentis REM solution enables workflow-based event management, provides a common operational picture, and enables mobile collaboration. It uses a resolution workflow based on the time, location, and classification of the occurrence of an incident to instantly identify and connect internal and external stakeholders, while also logging every activity to satisfy legal and reporting requirements. The cost-effective, standard off-the-shelf (COTS) solution can be deployed within a short timeframe. As part of the modernisation of the ARL train control centre, the REM solution was delivered and integrated with the recently deployed IVU.rail control software from IVU Traffic Technologies.

Image © Arriva Rail London

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