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Italy's leading rugby club, Chivasso Rugby Onlus ASD (CRON ASD), has set itself the goal of bringing the game of rugby, with its characteristic oval ball, to individuals facing challenges and disabilities. This initiative, based on similar Anglo-Saxon models, has drawn girls and boys with disabilities towards team sports and facilitates training and competition alongside 'able-bodied' athletes, thus enabling them to fulfil their potential in what is perceived as a 'normal' environment.

Chivasso Rugby has thus created an educational framework that fosters accessible training and learning for everyone, and thus contributes to and is enriched by this mixed ability model. The deeply rooted culture of solidarity and respect inherent in rugby, with its rich traditions, history, and core values, drives a committed approach to social welfare. These values are shared by Frequentis: the Turin-based software company Regola, which is a member of the Frequentis Group, supports this exemplary initiative by Chivasso Rugby as a sponsor.

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