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FREQUENTIS DFS AEROSENSE to install validation system for a virtual tower at Munich Airport

picture showing Munich Airport, including Tower and Airplanes; copyright Shutterstock
  • The system to validate a virtual tower is being set up at the DFS branch at Munich Airport
  • This is intended to determine the potential of such solutions for hub airports and make them ready for deployment
  • The system is to support complex operations including mixed approaches and departures, and independent parallel runway operations

"Setting up the digital tower system and the validation of the solution for larger hub airports are a major milestone for the digitalisation of air traffic control. I hope it will open up a wide range of potential applications and serve as an international flagship project. DFS Aviation Services and Frequentis have cultivated a mutually beneficial and successful partnership for many years. The foundation provided by this strong alliance will drive the future development of digital tower solutions around the world," says Norbert Haslacher, CEO Frequentis AG.

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